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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 68 | Part 2 Chapter 69 | Part 2 Chapter 70.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Pi spend a lot of time in the manual reading about and studying?
(a) Navigational directions.
(b) How to make a shelter.
(c) How to signal that he was alive.
(d) The tide and current.

2. The author uses the animals as symbols of what?
(a) Man's aggression.
(b) They are not symbols.
(c) Pi or some part of him.
(d) Different aspects of human nature.

3. In Part 1, Chapter 21, what is the author's purpose in writing about what he thinks after interviewing Pi?
(a) To help the reader understand Pi better.
(b) To make the reader aware that the author likes Pi.
(c) To help the reader know what the author thinks.
(d) To make the reader aware of the author's religious beliefs.

4. What is the purpose of the italicized chapters?
(a) To give the reader some background about the man.
(b) To tell the reader how the author discovered the story.
(c) To confuse the reader.
(d) To add some mysteriousness to the story.

5. Which of the following statements is true about Pi's parents' practice of their religion?
(a) Pi's parents were not very religious.
(b) Pi's mother had a Hindu upbringing, but had been schooled as a Presbyterian.
(c) Pi's father was raised as a Hindu, but had been schooled as a Baptist.
(d) Pi's parents practiced their Hindu religion faithfully all the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Pi think that the hyena did not attack him?

2. What did Pi do when the sun rose the day after he built his raft?

3. What was the main character named after?

4. What was the response of Pi's father to his request for Christian baptism and a prayer rug?

5. When the hyena began to act strangely, what did Pi do?

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