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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 68 | Part 2 Chapter 69 | Part 2 Chapter 70.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pi's interest in which of the following is one of the themes that runs throughout the book?
(a) Politics.
(b) Botany.
(c) Sociology.
(d) Zoology.

2. What were along the interior perimeter of the boat?
(a) Lamps.
(b) Shelves.
(c) Benches.
(d) Chairs.

3. In Part 2, Chapter 48, Pi explains that the tiger got his name from what source?
(a) A mix-up in paperwork.
(b) The author.
(c) The Pondicherry zookeeper.
(d) Pi when he was at the zoo.

4. How large was the boat?
(a) 4 feet deep, 18 feet wide, 10 feet long.
(b) 26 feet deep, 8 feet wide, 3.5 feet long.
(c) 3.5 feet deep, 8 feet wide, 26 feet long.
(d) 10 feet deep, 4 feet wide, 18 feet long.

5. Why does Pi think that the hyena did not attack him?
(a) Because the tiger was in the boat.
(b) Because the hyena had not yet gotten to him.
(c) Because Pi had not yet gotten close enough to him.
(d) Because the hyena wasn't hungry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the response of Pi's mother to his request for a Christian baptism and a prayer rug?

2. What did Pi do when the sun rose the day after he built his raft?

3. When Pi was 14, he went on a family vacation to Munmar and saw what on the top of three hills?

4. Symbolically, what does it mean when the storm clears?

5. In Part 1, Chapter 33, when the author and Pi look through photos, what period in Pi's life has only a few photos?

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