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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 41 | Part 2 Chapter 42 | Part 2 Chapter 43.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Mr. Satish Kumar?
(a) Mr. Kumar was a Communist and atheist.
(b) Mr. Kumar was a good looking man who believed in God.
(c) Mr. Kumar was an agnostic.
(d) Mr. Kumar was the reason Pi studied theology.

2. What was the reaction of Pi's parents to Pi's explorations and practices of various religions?
(a) They were uncomfortable with his religious practices.
(b) They wanted him to choose one faith and practice it.
(c) They wanted him to stop exploring religions and settle on one.
(d) They thought he was doing the right thing.

3. What happened when the two Mr. Kumars in Pi's life meet by chance at the zoo?
(a) The two Mr. Kumars discussed Pi's interfaith practices.
(b) Nothing. After an introduction they each went their separate ways.
(c) Pi gave them both carrots to feed the zebras.
(d) Pi invited both Mr. Kumars to stay for tea at the zoo.

4. According to Pi, when do animals try to escape from the zoo?
(a) When they don't like their habitat.
(b) When they are unhappy.
(c) When they are hungry.
(d) When they want to return to their prior home.

5. When Pi was 14, he went on a family vacation to Munmar and saw what on the top of three hills?
(a) Hotels.
(b) Tea estates.
(c) Religious temples.
(d) Parks.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to the author, which of the following was a reason why Pi decided to get back into the lifeboat?

2. What did Pi do when he didn't feel as welcome to his interfaith practices as before?

3. The main character grew up in what country?

4. What does Pi lament to the author that he is forgetting?

5. What do Pi's parents think about his being so religious?

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