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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2 Chapter 41 | Part 2 Chapter 42 | Part 2 Chapter 43.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Pi say at the meeting of his parents and his religious teachers?
(a) He wanted to study more about the religions.
(b) He just wanted to love God.
(c) He would think about they said.
(d) The religions were similar.

2. What happened after the meeting of Pi's parents and his religious teachers?
(a) Pi's family went out for ice cream.
(b) Pi went off by himself to think about the meeting.
(c) They all had tea together.
(d) Pi went to bed.

3. What is the omega animal?
(a) The one with the lowest social standing in their group.
(b) The one with the highest social standing in their group.
(c) The hardest animal to train.
(d) The animal that is given the easiest tricks to learn.

4. What happened at the meeting with Pi's parents and his three religious teachers?
(a) Each teacher thought their religions had similarities.
(b) They all agreed Pi could be a Hindu, Muslim, and Christian at the same time.
(c) Each teacher thought Pi was more faithful to his religion than to the others.
(d) They agreed Pi should continue exploring his religious beliefs.

5. When the hyena began to act strangely, what did Pi do?
(a) Hid under the tarp.
(b) Jumped back into the water.
(c) Sat still and thought about the predatory powers of the hyena.
(d) Tried to quiet the hyena by distracting it.

Short Answer Questions

1. Pi's interest in which of the following is one of the themes that runs throughout the book?

2. When Pi was 14, he went on a family vacation to Munmar and saw what on the top of three hills?

3. On the first day, what animals did Pi think were on the lifeboat?

4. Why does the author promise the reader a happy ending to Pi's tale?

5. Who were the two men Pi called the "prophets of his youth"?

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