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• Part 1, Chapter 1 introduces the main character in the first person. He relates how his academic study of religion and zoology brought him back to life.

• Part 1, Chapter 2 introduces an unnamed, small, slim man who lives in Scarborough, in the third person.

• Part 1, Chapter 3 tells the story by the main character of how he got his name. Mr. Francis Adirubasamy, Mamji, one of his father's good friends, is also introduced.

• Part 1, Chapter 4 is the introduction of the Pondicherry Zoo by the narrator. Pondicherry is the territory in India where Piscine grew up. Piscine gew up in and around the zoo and he discusses the nonsense that animals are not happy living in a zoo as well as the notion that people don't like zoos because they believe they are confining to the animals.

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