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Essay Topic 1

Analyze and discuss the means by which Christ was pre-announced and the symbolism behind His pre-announcement.

Essay Topic 2

Show how Jesus led a life of obedience, beginning with His childhood.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze and composite Christ's family tree. Use the text and any other outside resources to support your essay.

Essay Topic 4

Detail the importance of John the Baptist and show how John the Baptist came to know Jesus. Analyze their relationship.

Essay Topic 5

Describe the major similarities and differences in a sequence of two parallel events that occurred in Jesus' life, such as Jesus' prophecy that an Apostle would betray Him to Peter betraying Jesus. Discuss the significance of such events.

Essay Topic 6

Explain how the scene of Jesus' scourging and Crucifixion contributed to the overall meaning and purpose of Jesus' coming.

Essay Topic 7

Define temptation and analyze the different temptations Jesus faced in His...

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