Life of Christ Character Descriptions

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Jesus Christ

This person assumed a human nature and lived among men for thirty-three years around the year 0 A.D.


This person was a fisherman who lived in Galilee. He was chosen to be the head of the twelve Apostles.

Mary, Mother of God

This person was a Jewish girl--probably about sixteen years old--who an angel asked to bear the Son of God.

Mary Magdalene

This person was a woman of ill repute--probably a prostitute--and was among the small number of Jesus Christ's followers who would follow Him to the Cross.

Judas Iscariot

This person was one of the twelve Apostles chosen to help deliver Jesus Christ's Word and teachings to the world, and to forgive sins in His name.

Pontius Pilate

This person was the Roman governor of Judea.


This person was the high priest of the Jewish religion who was more concerned with obtaining...

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