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Chapters 1 - 2

• Christ is distinguished from all other religious leaders in the world because his coming to the world was preceded by centuries of prophecies, which were fulfilled in his life.
• The conception of Christ in the womb of the Virgin Mary was an act of God even greater than Creation, because Creation involved the production of inanimate matter, whereas the Incarnation involved the entrance of God Himself into the physical world.
• Christ's private life would end soon after his herald, John the Baptist, began his ministry, which involved urging people to repent and baptizing them in the Jordan River.

Chapters 3 - 8

• Christ's first act after his Baptism was to escape into the wilderness to pray and fast before beginning his ministry, setting the example that penance and prayer are the best ways to prepare for activity.
• The Jewish temple--the place of ritual sacrifice--was one of the first...

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