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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Jaromil's opinion of the redhead's family?

2. How does the old poet describe the cinematographer and Jaromil?

3. What happens to Jaromil's uncle?

4. According to one of the party guests, why has Jaromil stopped talking to the artist?

5. What happens when a classmate asks Jaromil about the redhead?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Maman's opinion about the redheaded girl? How does her reaction perpetuate the cycle of her own relationship with Jaromil?

2. What does the middle-aged man tell the girl about Jaromil? How is this story the opposite of what Jaromil ever wanted?

3. How does Jaromil feel while he is visiting the janitor's son at the police station? What does this say about his personal growth?

4. What are Jaromil's hopes for the two women in his life? What does this show about his understanding of both women?

5. The group of poets, Jaromil among them, is invited to speak at the police academy in the countryside. What is the irony of this situation and what does it say about the ideals they espouse?

6. Kundera says that the young person can be so loyally devoted to an idea because he believes in absolutes (Part 5, Chapter 6, pg 220). How does this fit with Jaromil's personality?

7. In planning the documentary about Jaromil's life, what do Maman and Jaromil reveal about themselves? What do they reveal about their relationship?

8. "History does not always make a dramatic entrance, it often seeps through every-day life like dirty dishwater. In our story, History makes its appearance in the guise of underwear" (Part 5, Chapter 8, pg 239). What does this mean in the context of Jaromil's story?

9. During the party at the cinematography girl's apartment, how does Jaromil's clothing reflect his state of mind?

10. Near the end of the book, Xavier betrays Jaromil by leaving him behind. What is the significance of this scene?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the purpose of Part 6? Is it helpful to be drawn out of Jaromil's life for a brief time? How far away from Jaromil is the reader actually drawn? What literary advantages does this section of the book have: propel the action forward, reveal characters, create a foil, or something else?

Essay Topic 2

What is the significance in very few names? Who has a name and what importance does this convey?

Essay Topic 3

Find examples of older people in love with younger. How does this fit the Freudian theme of Jaromil with his mother? What is the significance in the fact that Xavier cannot undress the old woman?

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