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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the girl come to see the man rather than going home?

2. In Kundera's example, what will happen to the poet if he steps outside his mirrored domain?

3. Why does the lyrical poet make his poetry striking?

4. What makes Maman think that Jaromil is actually becoming like a son of Apollo?

5. What happens when a classmate asks Jaromil about the redhead?

Short Essay Questions

1. In planning the documentary about Jaromil's life, what do Maman and Jaromil reveal about themselves? What do they reveal about their relationship?

2. What are Jaromil's hopes for the two women in his life? What does this show about his understanding of both women?

3. According to Jaromil, why did he run from the window where he first saw the redheaded girl? How does this move the story forward and reveal Jaromil's personality at the same time?

4. After a period of estrangement from Maman, why is Jaromil ready to make peace with her? How do the two of them have very different perceptions of this reconciliation?

5. Maman is disillusioned about the cinematography girl after the girl does not invite her to the party. How does this show the similarity between Maman and the girl?

6. How does the author insert his own thoughts into Part 6, Chapter 1? What effect does this have on this entire part?

7. As it is painfully revealed in Part 5, Chapters 4 - 6, why do Maman and Jaromil struggle to live together? What does this say about their relationship as mother and son?

8. What does the middle-aged man tell the girl about Jaromil? How is this story the opposite of what Jaromil ever wanted?

9. Near the end of the book, Xavier betrays Jaromil by leaving him behind. What is the significance of this scene?

10. How does Jaromil feel while he is visiting the janitor's son at the police station? What does this say about his personal growth?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What role does guilt play in Jaromil's life? How does Maman use guilt, and how is she susceptible to it herself?

Essay Topic 2

What significance is there in the dialogue? The author records more conversations between Jaromil and his mother than between any other people. How does this affect the reader's perception of their relationship?

Essay Topic 3

What element causes Jaromil's death? How is this suited to his life? What does it mean that at the end he looked into his own face, and what horror is added in that moment?

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