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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the girl come to see the man rather than going home?

2. What question does the middle-aged woman have for the group of poets?

3. What does Lermontov assert is the highest quality in life?

4. What makes Maman think that Jaromil is actually becoming like a son of Apollo?

5. Why was Maman initially pleased to think about meeting Jaromil's girlfriend?

Short Essay Questions

1. "Only a real poet knows how lonely it is inside the mirrored house of poetry" (Part 7, Chapter 1, pg 289). Where else does the reader see mirrors in the story, and how does this sentence relate to Jaromil's life?

2. What arguments do Jaromil and the redhead have concerning their families? How does this illustrate Jaromil's juvenile mindset?

3. Why does Jaromil want to undress the redhead? How does this show his inadequate understanding of relationships?

4. What happens when Jaromil recites his poems to the audience of police members? How does this compare to the hopes he has had?

5. After not sleeping with the cinematographer, Jaromil considers his underwear for a long time, in light of the women involved. What does he decide? How does this single piece of clothing drive so much of what he does?

6. Jaromil's first revelation about duty is that it is "voluntary and represents human daring and dignity" (Part 5, Chapter 11, pg 263). Given his situation, is this true?

7. Maman is disillusioned about the cinematography girl after the girl does not invite her to the party. How does this show the similarity between Maman and the girl?

8. In planning the documentary about Jaromil's life, what do Maman and Jaromil reveal about themselves? What do they reveal about their relationship?

9. During the party at the cinematography girl's apartment, how does Jaromil's clothing reflect his state of mind?

10. What does the middle-aged man tell the girl about Jaromil? How is this story the opposite of what Jaromil ever wanted?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When is Jaromil compared to other poets? How does their fame reflect on him? What is the effect of these comparisons?

Essay Topic 2

Jaromil's father is his greatest friend (Part I, Chapter 4, pg 21). What might his mother have felt during that time? How does this weaken the close bond she has had with him before?

Essay Topic 3

What implications are there in Xavier's dance with the older woman? Are details of her age seen as something beautiful? How does this dance show Xavier's triumph over a girl his own age? What about over his own age? How is his love for the blond girl incomplete without his demonstration of love for the old woman?

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