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Short Answer Questions

1. The night of the party, what does Maman realize about the cinematographer?

2. What location is Maman most excited to film in?

3. When Maman returns home early one evening while the redhead is visiting, what does she pretend is happening?

4. At the end of Part 6, what sound does Kundera hear?

5. Why is Jaromil not jealous when he considers the redhead in the hands of the policemen?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the author insert his own thoughts into Part 6, Chapter 1? What effect does this have on this entire part?

2. Jaromil's first revelation about duty is that it is "voluntary and represents human daring and dignity" (Part 5, Chapter 11, pg 263). Given his situation, is this true?

3. As it is painfully revealed in Part 5, Chapters 4 - 6, why do Maman and Jaromil struggle to live together? What does this say about their relationship as mother and son?

4. When Jaromil is angry at the redhead for being fifteen minutes late, what change ensues in their relationship? How does this mark a turning point in Jaromil's development as a person?

5. During the party at the cinematography girl's apartment, how does Jaromil's clothing reflect his state of mind?

6. How does Jaromil feel while he is visiting the janitor's son at the police station? What does this say about his personal growth?

7. After not sleeping with the cinematographer, Jaromil considers his underwear for a long time, in light of the women involved. What does he decide? How does this single piece of clothing drive so much of what he does?

8. What does the middle-aged man tell the girl about Jaromil? How is this story the opposite of what Jaromil ever wanted?

9. "History does not always make a dramatic entrance, it often seeps through every-day life like dirty dishwater. In our story, History makes its appearance in the guise of underwear" (Part 5, Chapter 8, pg 239). What does this mean in the context of Jaromil's story?

10. Maman is disillusioned about the cinematography girl after the girl does not invite her to the party. How does this show the similarity between Maman and the girl?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What significance is there in the dialogue? The author records more conversations between Jaromil and his mother than between any other people. How does this affect the reader's perception of their relationship?

Essay Topic 2

What implications are there in Xavier's dance with the older woman? Are details of her age seen as something beautiful? How does this dance show Xavier's triumph over a girl his own age? What about over his own age? How is his love for the blond girl incomplete without his demonstration of love for the old woman?

Essay Topic 3

Though the idea of running does not appear until the end of Part III, how is it present throughout the book? How does the desire to run guide many choices that the characters make?

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