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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Jaromil's anger toward the girl at last subside?
(a) When he hits her.
(b) When he chokes her.
(c) When she cries.
(d) When she begs for his forgiveness.

2. What does the redhead claim that she did when she had a doctor's appointment?
(a) Threw away the appointment card and didn't go.
(b) Went to the appointment even though she hated it.
(c) Sent the appointment card back to the doctor.
(d) Burned the appointment card.

3. When does Jaromil feel that the girl belongs to him completely?
(a) When she lets him undress her.
(b) When he writes a poem about her.
(c) When she swears to love him forever.
(d) When his hands are around her neck.

4. Why does the lyrical poet make his poetry striking?
(a) Only striking poetry will be accepted by the readers.
(b) His life is uneventful.
(c) He speaks out of powerful places in History.
(d) His subject matter demands a strong voice.

5. After Jaromil hears about the girl's brother, what action does he want her to take?
(a) Urge her family to stop her brother.
(b) Flee the country with him.
(c) Tell the police.
(d) Persuade her brother not to flee.

Short Answer Questions

1. At Jaromil's sick bed, what words link Maman most closely to him, in her mind?

2. In Kundera's example, what will happen to the poet if he steps outside his mirrored domain?

3. Just outside the prison, why does the girl hate to see the horses and riders?

4. Who was the first man the redheaded girl slept with?

5. What happens when a classmate asks Jaromil about the redhead?

Short Essay Questions

1. As it is painfully revealed in Part 5, Chapters 4 - 6, why do Maman and Jaromil struggle to live together? What does this say about their relationship as mother and son?

2. How does Jaromil feel while he is visiting the janitor's son at the police station? What does this say about his personal growth?

3. When Jaromil is angry at the redhead for being fifteen minutes late, what change ensues in their relationship? How does this mark a turning point in Jaromil's development as a person?

4. What does the middle-aged man tell the girl about Jaromil? How is this story the opposite of what Jaromil ever wanted?

5. "Only a real poet knows how lonely it is inside the mirrored house of poetry" (Part 7, Chapter 1, pg 289). Where else does the reader see mirrors in the story, and how does this sentence relate to Jaromil's life?

6. What arguments do Jaromil and the redhead have concerning their families? How does this illustrate Jaromil's juvenile mindset?

7. In planning the documentary about Jaromil's life, what do Maman and Jaromil reveal about themselves? What do they reveal about their relationship?

8. When the girl visits the middle-aged man, she is wearing winter clothes. What does this detail reveal about the timing in the story?

9. The group of poets, Jaromil among them, is invited to speak at the police academy in the countryside. What is the irony of this situation and what does it say about the ideals they espouse?

10. How does the author insert his own thoughts into Part 6, Chapter 1? What effect does this have on this entire part?

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