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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the first man the redheaded girl slept with?
(a) A middle-aged man in the city.
(b) A childhood friend.
(c) An older man in her village.
(d) A fellow student at the university.

2. Why is it important to Jaromil that he die by fire?
(a) He thinks fire would be the quickest way to die.
(b) He thinks of himself as a gruesome beacon for the future.
(c) He wants nothing to remain of himself but his poems.
(d) A man's death conveys a message about his life.

3. When does Jaromil feel that the girl belongs to him completely?
(a) When his hands are around her neck.
(b) When she swears to love him forever.
(c) When she lets him undress her.
(d) When he writes a poem about her.

4. In the cinematographer's apartment, what happens?
(a) The cinematographer and Jaromil kiss.
(b) The people sip wine and chat amiably.
(c) Jaromil recites his silly ideas about love.
(d) The people have a heated discussion about socialism.

5. Just outside the prison, why does the girl hate to see the horses and riders?
(a) She has always been afraid of horses.
(b) She thinks they are out to capture people, possibly her.
(c) She takes it as a bad omen.
(d) She feels far below them and pitiful by comparison.

6. Returning home from the police station, what does Jaromil find?
(a) A letter of praise from the janitor's son about his poetry.
(b) A letter from the redhead breaking up with him.
(c) An invitation from the cinematographer to attend a party.
(d) A letter from his uncle who was sent to prison several years earlier.

7. According to Jaromil, how do socialism and love interact?
(a) Socialism comes from the root of love.
(b) They are complete opposites.
(c) Socialism stifles love.
(d) Socialism allows for true love to exist.

8. At the end of Part 6, what sound does Kundera hear?
(a) Jaromil's breath.
(b) Death stamping its feet.
(c) The rustle of bedclothes.
(d) The future walking.

9. Why is Jaromil jealous of the redhead?
(a) Because her doctor sees her body.
(b) He suspects that she is cheating.
(c) She will not tell him where she got the flowers on the table.
(d) She receives letters from a man he does not know.

10. What kind of verbs does Jaromil love?
(a) Complicated verbs related to the emotions.
(b) Verbs that are related to love.
(c) Verbs that describe the power of the future.
(d) Simple verbs that describe one motion.

11. The last time the man and girl had seen each other, what had they talked about?
(a) The girl was leaving him to be with the young man she loved.
(b) The girl wanted to move in with the man.
(c) The girl was unhappy in their relationship.
(d) The man wanted a greater commitment but the girl was unwilling.

12. How does the film begin?
(a) With a home recording of Jaromil as a child.
(b) With pictures of Jaromil as a child.
(c) With Maman recounting childhood memories with Jaromil.
(d) With Jaromil reciting his most famous poem.

13. How does the old poet describe the cinematographer and Jaromil?
(a) As princess and prince of the evening.
(b) As stars in the lonely sky.
(c) As ill-fated lovers.
(d) As the sole hope for the future.

14. How many poets participate in the recitation?
(a) Fourteen.
(b) Eight.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Eleven.

15. Why is Jaromil not jealous when he considers the redhead in the hands of the policemen?
(a) He has deep faith that the policemen will never hurt her.
(b) He knows that her love for him will never waver.
(c) Once she is gone, he no longer cares about her.
(d) She is his creation and therefore belongs only to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jaromil wants to recite poetry to the redhead, what disturbing thought occurs to him?

2. How does Jaromil feel after talking to the police about the redhead's brother?

3. What is the last thing Jaromil ever sees?

4. When Jaromil has difficulty undressing the redhead, what is the girl wearing?

5. What does the redhead claim that she did when she had a doctor's appointment?

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