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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens during the second half of Jaromil's poetry recitation?
(a) Lights come on and a camera starts rolling.
(b) He loses his place on the page and becomes flustered.
(c) The pretty cinematographer throws a rose to him.
(d) The audience gives him a standing ovation so he has to stop reading.

2. What had the middle-aged man done when the girl was arrested?
(a) Tore up her picture and called her an enemy of the future.
(b) Gotten another girlfriend.
(c) Tried his best to rescue her.
(d) Pleaded with a judge to free her.

3. What personal aspect was considered a political crime during Jaromil's time?
(a) Elegance.
(b) Depravity.
(c) Extravagance.
(d) Poverty.

4. Why does the girl come to see the man rather than going home?
(a) None of her family members are still alive.
(b) The thought of going home depresses her.
(c) She never wants to go home again.
(d) He is the only person she can trust anymore.

5. Who is most upset that the bus stop was moved two blocks away from the villa?
(a) The middle-aged woman.
(b) The pretty cinematographer.
(c) The man with the wooden leg.
(d) The organizer of the poetry recitation.

6. Why is Jaromil not jealous when he considers the redhead in the hands of the policemen?
(a) He has deep faith that the policemen will never hurt her.
(b) He knows that her love for him will never waver.
(c) She is his creation and therefore belongs only to him.
(d) Once she is gone, he no longer cares about her.

7. After Jaromil hears about the girl's brother, what action does he want her to take?
(a) Persuade her brother not to flee.
(b) Urge her family to stop her brother.
(c) Tell the police.
(d) Flee the country with him.

8. What is the last thing Jaromil ever sees?
(a) His father's portrait.
(b) Love in his mother's face.
(c) His hand lying on the quilt.
(d) Great fear in his mother's face.

9. During the argument between Jaromil and the party guest, why do the other guests burst out laughing?
(a) Jaromil has tripped over a coffee table and fallen.
(b) The party guest has picked up Jaromil by his shirt and pants waist.
(c) Jaromil has punched the party guest in the face.
(d) Jaromil has tripped over a coffee table and fallen.

10. What kind of verbs does Jaromil love?
(a) Complicated verbs related to the emotions.
(b) Verbs that are related to love.
(c) Simple verbs that describe one motion.
(d) Verbs that describe the power of the future.

11. While Jaromil is talking with the redhead about love, how does death enter the conversation?
(a) When they promise to be die together in suicide.
(b) When he threatens to kill her if she ever leaves him.
(c) When she swore she could not live without him.
(d) When she threatens to kill herself if he ever leaves her.

12. What disguise does Jaromil use for treating the redhead with cruelty?
(a) Anger at Maman.
(b) Concern for their relationship.
(c) Concern for the girl.
(d) Wounded love.

13. In the cinematographer's apartment, what happens?
(a) The people have a heated discussion about socialism.
(b) The cinematographer and Jaromil kiss.
(c) The people sip wine and chat amiably.
(d) Jaromil recites his silly ideas about love.

14. Why was Maman initially pleased to think about meeting Jaromil's girlfriend?
(a) She wanted to befriend the redhead so she could control Jaromil more.
(b) She had told the downstairs tenant that her family would need the entire upper floor.
(c) She thought perhaps she could make a friend.
(d) She wanted to make peace with Jaromil by meeting his girlfriend.

15. What is the redhead's reaction to Jaromil's poetry printed in the newspaper?
(a) She thought he was wasting his time.
(b) She had not even known he wrote poetry.
(c) She was thrilled to have a famous boyfriend.
(d) She did not understand the poem.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the redhead is fifteen minutes late, what is the first excuse she gives Jaromil?

2. When Maman is embarrassed about her dress in front of Jaromil, what does she change into?

3. Once Jaromil arrives at the party hosted by the cinematographer, how does he feel about his clothes?

4. Why does the lyrical poet make his poetry striking?

5. The night of the party, what does Maman realize about the cinematographer?

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