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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the man work in a factory?
(a) The government had decided he was too closely connected to capitalist England.
(b) He has always wanted to work with his hands.
(c) It was punishment for his anti-Communist writings.
(d) He is suspicious of any white-collar job, which is often involved in the unsteady political trends.

2. What happens when a classmate asks Jaromil about the redhead?
(a) He replies that she is a casual acquaintance.
(b) He replies that she is his cousin.
(c) He refuses to answer the question, out of embarrassment.
(d) He replies that she is the love of his life.

3. At the end of Part 6, what sound does Kundera hear?
(a) Death stamping its feet.
(b) Jaromil's breath.
(c) The rustle of bedclothes.
(d) The future walking.

4. According to Kundera, who ruled the epoch about which he is writing?
(a) The farmer and the factory worker.
(b) The hangman and the poet.
(c) The judge and the lawyer.
(d) The young people.

5. What makes Maman think that Jaromil is actually becoming like a son of Apollo?
(a) He has begun writing beautiful poems, not poems of death.
(b) He values the Greek gods more than passing political trend.
(c) He has taken down the picture of his father.
(d) His face is becoming beautiful and godlike rather than coarse.

6. To Jaromil, what does Xavier represent?
(a) The man he will one day become.
(b) The horror of poetic ambition lived out.
(c) Dream, poetry, and action.
(d) The furthest extent of his dreams.

7. After Jaromil hears about the girl's brother, what action does he want her to take?
(a) Urge her family to stop her brother.
(b) Persuade her brother not to flee.
(c) Flee the country with him.
(d) Tell the police.

8. What is the redhead's reaction to Jaromil's poetry printed in the newspaper?
(a) She had not even known he wrote poetry.
(b) She was thrilled to have a famous boyfriend.
(c) She did not understand the poem.
(d) She thought he was wasting his time.

9. According to Jaromil, how do socialism and love interact?
(a) They are complete opposites.
(b) Socialism allows for true love to exist.
(c) Socialism comes from the root of love.
(d) Socialism stifles love.

10. Why had Jaromil not known about the film about his life?
(a) He was too caught up in the redhead to notice.
(b) The cinematographer was not comfortable having Jaromil deeply involved.
(c) Maman was subtly hoping the film would actually be about her.
(d) Maman had wanted it to be a surprise.

11. What is Jaromil's opinion of the redhead's family?
(a) They constitute the one reason the girl will not elope with JaromiL.
(b) They tie to girl to the past rather than freeing her for the future.
(c) They provide vital support for the girl.
(d) They prevent her from being completely immersed in his love.

12. What had the middle-aged man done when the girl was arrested?
(a) Tore up her picture and called her an enemy of the future.
(b) Pleaded with a judge to free her.
(c) Gotten another girlfriend.
(d) Tried his best to rescue her.

13. Why is Jaromil not jealous when he considers the redhead in the hands of the policemen?
(a) She is his creation and therefore belongs only to him.
(b) Once she is gone, he no longer cares about her.
(c) He has deep faith that the policemen will never hurt her.
(d) He knows that her love for him will never waver.

14. Returning home from the police station, what does Jaromil find?
(a) An invitation from the cinematographer to attend a party.
(b) A letter from his uncle who was sent to prison several years earlier.
(c) A letter from the redhead breaking up with him.
(d) A letter of praise from the janitor's son about his poetry.

15. In Kundera's example, what will happen to the poet if he steps outside his mirrored domain?
(a) He will cease to be self-absorbed.
(b) He will lose all poetic power.
(c) He will be unable to handle humanity.
(d) He will surely die.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the redhead claim that she did when she had a doctor's appointment?

2. When Maman is embarrassed about her dress in front of Jaromil, what does she change into?

3. While Jaromil is answering questions about love and socialism, what is he most conscious of?

4. According to one of the party guests, why has Jaromil stopped talking to the artist?

5. What does Lermontov assert is the highest quality in life?

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