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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as Maman sees her son's physicality?
(a) She begins to accept her own physicality.
(b) She begins to question her sexuality.
(c) Her tenderness increases.
(d) She becomes even more revolted by physicality.

2. During the Marxist debate which Jaromil attends, how does one person cause a distraction?
(a) Tapping his foot against his chair leg.
(b) Elbowing the girl next to him whenever the speaker makes a good point.
(c) Reading random sections of Marx's writing.
(d) Periodically sniffing a wilted lily.

3. In Part III, Chapter 19, how does Jaromil get a fever?
(a) He takes a walk around the snowy town without wearing winter clothes.
(b) He visits the university girl when she is sick.
(c) He stands on the balcony of a girl's apartment in the snow.
(d) He sits on a park bench with the university girl.

4. Part 4, Chapter 1 begins with an anecdote about which poet?
(a) Rimbaud.
(b) Jaromil.
(c) Lermontov.
(d) Valery.

5. Why does Maman feel guilty about her husband's death?
(a) The news of his death had not made her sad.
(b) She does not miss him because she has Jaromil.
(c) She had inadvertently caused his death.
(d) She had been unfaithful to him while he was involved in the underground mission.

6. How does Maman have complete control of her son?
(a) By controlling his emotions.
(b) By acting as both his mother and father.
(c) By deciding what he wears and eats.
(d) By being very strict with him.

7. Why does Maman not want to go to the lake on vacation?
(a) She did not have enough money.
(b) Jaromil did not want to go with her.
(c) It would have reminded her of happier summers.
(d) She wanted her husband to go along.

8. What can only a true poet know?
(a) The desire to live in a world without mirrors.
(b) The desire to be a part of the world.
(c) The desire not to be a poet.
(d) The desire to write a life-changing poem.

9. What does Jaromil do when the redhead catches him staring through her apartment window?
(a) Knocks on her door.
(b) Runs away.
(c) Keeps staring unabashedly.
(d) Brings her flowers.

10. How does Maman view her love for the young engineer?
(a) As a revolt against her parents' prosaic lives.
(b) As her life's consuming passion.
(c) As a passing fling.
(d) As the preface for the love for her child.

11. Why do Jaromil's drawings favor dogs?
(a) He sees dogs as the symbol of virtue and natural goodness.
(b) He draws dogs best.
(c) He cannot draw any other animal.
(d) He loves dogs better than any other animal.

12. What does Jaromil see as the sign that his verses have true power?
(a) The emotion on his mother's face when she reads them.
(b) His own thrill at the sounds of the words.
(c) The artist's enthusiastic reaction.
(d) The poems' ability to stand on their own as independent works.

13. Why does Maman welcome her pregnancy?
(a) She thinks perhaps her husband will truly love her.
(b) She has always wanted to be a mother.
(c) She sees the family as a trio filling the universe.
(d) She sees it as the final step of independence from her parents.

14. Jaromil agonizes over his hair. What kind of hair does he have?
(a) Dark, thick hair.
(b) Soft, blond hair.
(c) Very curly hair.
(d) Thin, brown hair.

15. What reason does the poet's father give for not having more children?
(a) He was forced to compromise for one child in the beginning, so Maman should compromise and be happy with only one.
(b) He cannot afford to raise more children.
(c) He is about to go to war and would not be a part of the children's lives.
(d) Jaromil is such a nuisance that he does not want more like him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jaromil think is the quintessential surrealist object?

2. How do Jaromil and Maman reach the lake resort?

3. Why does Jaromil not speak to the cashier when she leaves the store?

4. Why does Jaromil write so many poems about women's bodies?

5. When Jaromil and the university girl are kissing in her house, what does Jaromil think about obsessively?

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