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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jaromil think is the quintessential surrealist object?
(a) The chair leg if seen by itself.
(b) The telephone receiver with the dangling cord.
(c) The statue of Apollo.
(d) His mother's light blue perfume bottle.

2. The second time that Jaromil does not make love to the university girl, what does she think?
(a) He is secretly gay.
(b) There is something wrong with his body.
(c) He does not love her.
(d) He wants to break up with her.

3. What does Jaromil hang on the wall in his room?
(a) His parents' wedding picture.
(b) A portrait of Karl Marx.
(c) A portrait of his mother.
(d) A portrait of his father.

4. In looking at the Apollo statue, what does Maman hope?
(a) That Apollo will protect her son from the world.
(b) That her son will inherit the god's divine attributes.
(c) That the gods will treat her child favorably.
(d) That her son will resemble the god rather than his human father.

5. How do Jaromil and Maman reach the lake resort?
(a) By train.
(b) By walking.
(c) By train and buggy.
(d) By car.

6. To what does Jaromil poetically compare Magda?
(a) Earth and stability.
(b) Ice and cruelty.
(c) Fire and passion.
(d) Water and sorrow.

7. What does Jaromil see as the sign that his verses have true power?
(a) The emotion on his mother's face when she reads them.
(b) His own thrill at the sounds of the words.
(c) The artist's enthusiastic reaction.
(d) The poems' ability to stand on their own as independent works.

8. In Part III, Chapter 19, how does Jaromil get a fever?
(a) He takes a walk around the snowy town without wearing winter clothes.
(b) He visits the university girl when she is sick.
(c) He stands on the balcony of a girl's apartment in the snow.
(d) He sits on a park bench with the university girl.

9. What does Jaromil draw during his first lesson in the artist's studio?
(a) Circles.
(b) Humans with dogs' heads.
(c) Lines.
(d) Human faces.

10. Why do Jaromil's poems so often include death?
(a) Death is the only thing he does not yet understand
(b) He is gradually becoming suicidal.
(c) He wants to be absorbed in something absolute and immense.
(d) A violent streak is developing as he is treated cruelly by the world.

11. What is the first time Jaromil's words save him from punishment?
(a) When he used adult vocabulary at a young age.
(b) When he yelled in a trochee speech pattern.
(c) When he began reciting the encyclopedia.
(d) When his insult was a rhyme.

12. Why does Jaromil begin taking lesson from the art teacher?
(a) His art was consistently mediocre.
(b) Maman took an interest in the art teacher.
(c) He thought the art teacher would make a good father.
(d) He was tired of drawing people with dogs' heads.

13. What puzzles Jaromil about the artist's poetry critiques?
(a) The artist prefers odd poetic forms.
(b) The artist uses words Jaromil doesn't understand.
(c) The artist's critique often use French poetic values.
(d) The artist's critiques are inconsistent.

14. On the train, why does Xavier avoid his Latin professor?
(a) He failed Latin class the first time he took it.
(b) His Latin professor does not like him.
(c) He thinks the Latin professor will yell at him for missing class.
(d) He has not been to class in a long time.

15. Why does Jaromil wait to show his poetry to the university girl?
(a) He wants to show her the long poem when it is finished.
(b) Maman has told him none of it is good enough to show to the girl.
(c) He wants to show it to her when it's published.
(d) He hopes she will show him some of her art first.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jaromil show off opinions about education which he heard from his grandfather?

2. Why does Jaromil walk through the world with a feeling of guilt?

3. As the story reveals, what is in store for the famous poet?

4. When do Jaromil's parents redecorate his room?

5. Why does Maman weep as the artist makes love to her?

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