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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5: Chaps. 4-6, pp. 204-225.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jaromil's classmates find most irritating about him?
(a) He does not join in any of their games.
(b) He received more Christmas presents than any of them did.
(c) Mother love clings to everything he has.
(d) He has more money than they do.

2. In desperation for a response, what does Jaromil mail to the famous poet?
(a) Twenty telephone receivers.
(b) His own long poem written in the poet's most recent book.
(c) A twenty-page letter.
(d) A grey striped dove.

3. Why does Maman push away her husband's hand when he wants to make love?
(a) She knows that she no longer loves him.
(b) She wants him to apologize for humiliating her.
(c) She suspects that he was cheating.
(d) She wants to punish him for humiliating her.

4. What is the redhead's reaction to Jaromil's poetry printed in the newspaper?
(a) She was thrilled to have a famous boyfriend.
(b) She had not even known he wrote poetry.
(c) She did not understand the poem.
(d) She thought he was wasting his time.

5. What kind of verbs does Jaromil love?
(a) Simple verbs that describe one motion.
(b) Verbs that describe the power of the future.
(c) Complicated verbs related to the emotions.
(d) Verbs that are related to love.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does the famous poet appear on the street?

2. What does Maman do with the books that the artist loans her?

3. Why does Maman take her husband's picture off the wall?

4. According to Kundera, why is lyricism immature?

5. In the poem "Epitaph," how does Jaromil wish to die?

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