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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 5: The Poet is Jealous, Chaps. 1-3, pp. 185-204.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jaromil begin taking lesson from the art teacher?
(a) He thought the art teacher would make a good father.
(b) Maman took an interest in the art teacher.
(c) His art was consistently mediocre.
(d) He was tired of drawing people with dogs' heads.

2. When Jaromil wants to recite poetry to the redhead, what disturbing thought occurs to him?
(a) The only modern poetry is that which will be understood by a common girl like her.
(b) He has only written political poems, which she will not understand.
(c) He has not ever written something of value and purpose.
(d) His fame will never surpass that of the famous poet.

3. What does Jaromil see as the sign that his verses have true power?
(a) The poems' ability to stand on their own as independent works.
(b) The emotion on his mother's face when she reads them.
(c) His own thrill at the sounds of the words.
(d) The artist's enthusiastic reaction.

4. What is the highest point of happiness which Jaromil reaches so far in his life?
(a) A girl resting her head on his shoulder.
(b) Sleeping with the girl he met at dancing class.
(c) The reconciliation with his mother after their fight.
(d) His father's memorial service as a war hero.

5. What is the primary reason that Xavier runs into danger ahead of his comrades?
(a) He would rather die in battle as die an old man.
(b) He wants to show them that he is a man and worthy of their friendship.
(c) He wants to live in the exciting aura of death.
(d) He wants to make up for losing the list that they wanted.

Short Answer Questions

1. What distinctive piece of clothing does the old woman wear when she dances with Xavier?

2. Why is the famous poet booed by the audience after he reads a poem?

3. How does Jaromil's father prepare for leaving home several days at a time on business trips?

4. What does Jaromil hang on the wall in his room?

5. Why does the brunette leave Prague?

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