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Essay Topic 1

What significance is there in the dialogue? The author records more conversations between Jaromil and his mother than between any other people. How does this affect the reader's perception of their relationship?

Essay Topic 2

Jaromil's father is his greatest friend (Part I, Chapter 4, pg 21). What might his mother have felt during that time? How does this weaken the close bond she has had with him before?

Essay Topic 3

Xavier's woman lover looks like an aquatic being (Part 2, Chapter 4, pg 73). What are the ties to Jaromil's perception of Magda? What importance does water have in the perception of beautiful women? What connections are there to ice?

Essay Topic 4

Does the story of Xavier's time in the yellow house border on the fantastic? What makes the story plausible and what makes it fantastical?

Essay Topic 5

What implications are there in Xavier's dance with the older woman? Are details...

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