Life Is Elsewhere Character Descriptions

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Jaromil, the Poet

This character is a somewhat spoiled boy who becomes a poet. As a young man he chases women but is easily frightened by them in intimate settings.

Maman, Jaromil's mother

This person is a domineering mother, concentrating all her attention on her child. Her husband does not love her, and she has an affair with an artist, but it makes her miserable.

The Red-Head Girl, Jaromil's Girlfriend

This girl is the first lover of the main character. She is imprisoned because she claims her brother will flee the country, though she has invented the story to hide infidelity.

The Artist, Jaromil's art teacher, the Artist-Teacher

This man is first an art teacher and then becomes the mother's lover. He refuses to adopt the new regime's style of socialist realism.

The Janitor's Son, the Police Officer

This character is the only schoolmate friend of the main...

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