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Part I: The Poet is Born, Chaps. 1-5, pp. 1-27

• Maman and the poet's father conceive Jaromil and get married.
• Jaromil begins to rhyme words, and he is considered clever.
• Jaromil begins school but is ostracized because the other children notice the strength of his mother's love for him.

Part I: Chaps. 6-11, pp. 27- 62

• Maman and Jaromil take a vacation and meet the artist.
• Jaromil takes art lessons from the artist, though he can only draw dog-headed people, and Maman begins an affair with the artist.
• Jaromil tries to interrupt Magda's bath, and when he fails he writes poems about an aquatic love.

Part 2: Xavier, pp. 65-89

• Xavier jumps through the window into the melancholy woman's apartment and promises to free her. Then he falls asleep and moves into another dream.
• During a school trip, Xavier kisses an old woman, and the young girl in white dies...

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