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Short Answer Questions

1. What in this scene is a possible theme of this work?

2. What does Segismundo decide after his conversation with Clotaldo and Clotaldo's advice about doing right in a dream?

3. How could Segismundo's status be described at the end of this scene?

4. Who is bemoaning his fate?

5. How is Clarnn addressed?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Segismundo respond?

2. What does Segismundo do to Clotaldo?

3. What is happening to Segismundo when this scene opens?

4. How does Clotaldo's waffling about this issue demonstrate the extent of the patriarchal culture in which he lives?

5. How does Segismundo respond to the soldiers' errand?

6. What is one of the key ideas of the play that comes up in Act 2, Scene 2?

7. What foreshadows a possible positive ending to what could be a bloody civil war?

8. When this scene opens what is happening with Clarnn?

9. How do Clotaldo's actions in this scene give the audience a glimpse into a possible positive characteristic of the man?

10. How does Segismundo's treatment of Clotaldo reflect upon his future behavior if he gains the throne?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The idea of a quest is a very old one--there are numerous reasons why one might go upon a quest. In this first act, Rosaura states she is on a quest for justice. Choose one of the following to write a cohesive, detailed essay:

1. Pretending you have not read the play even if you have, read this first act carefully and try to think of several reasons Rosaura might be seeking justice. Discuss each one and evaluate how important you think each quest is. Examples: To find redress for a land dispute. To seek relief from a tyrannical authority figure who perhaps overtaxes his subjects.

2. Choose two diverse cultures who have a tradition of vision quests, (e.g., a Native American tribe in the plains versus the Eskimo tribe of Alaska) and research the two traditions. Compare and contrast the two groups.

3. Some cultures have actual methods in place for young men (and sometimes women) to go on a quest to mark the passage from childhood to adulthood. Other cultures, such as that of the United States, do not have a homogeneous population and therefore there is not a formal tradition for questing; however, young people still quest, though it may not be recognized as such. Write an essay about ways you think young people in high tech societies carry out a quest to mark their passage into adulthood. Do you think these ways are as valid as the ways of those cultures who have methods set in long centuries of tradition?

Essay Topic 2

Clotaldo continually prevaricates both to Segismundo and Rosaura; he does so because of his loyalty to the king (in Segismundo's case) and out of feeling obligated to Astolfo for saving Clotaldo's life. Write a cohesive essay addressing the questions below using specific examples from the text and your personal life.

Is there ever a good justification for lying--either by actively lying or passively not speaking up? About what would you feel fine lying to someone? Are there times that you would absolutely refuse to lie? Are there degrees of truth? How do you feel emotionally when you have lied? Does it depend upon the reason you lie? Do you believe Clotaldo is justified in lying both to Segismundo over the years and more recently to Rosaura?

Essay Topic 3

In the opening to Act 1, Scene 2, Cousins Estrella and Asolfo are niece and nephew to the king, who as far as they know, has no son or daughter of his own. Estrella claims the throne as the eldest child of the eldest daughter; Astolfo's claim lies in the fact of his gender. Were the situation reversed and Astolfo was the eldest child of the eldest daughter, there would be no question to his rights to the throne. Most monarchies of Europe are based upon preference to males as heirs to the throne even today. Choose one of the following to write a cohesive, detailed essay:

1. Write a cohesive essay detailing why you think men are or are not more capable of ruling than woman. Include some historical citations from at least two European countries.

2. Write an essay discussing how you think the ruling styles of men and women would differ. Which style would you prefer? Why?

3. Write an essay describing how you think the rules of ascension should be enacted and why you believe your idea is better than two European counties you research.

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