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Short Answer Questions

1. How could Segismundo's status be described at the end of this scene?

2. What does Clotaldo tell the king?

3. What might the idea of using a dream to convince Segismundo he has never left his cell be considered?

4. Where is the setting when this scene opens?

5. When Rosaura speaks at length about honor, how does Clotaldo respond?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Clotaldo's actions in this scene give the audience a glimpse into a possible positive characteristic of the man?

2. Why has Clotaldo returned to the palace in such haste?

3. How does Clotaldo's waffling about this issue demonstrate the extent of the patriarchal culture in which he lives?

4. What do you think Estrella's motives are in urging the king to personally go quell the rioting?

5. Does it seem odd that Clarnn is cast into prison even though several servants assisted the process of getting Segismundo back to the prison tower?

6. How does Segismundo respond to the soldiers' errand?

7. Does it seem likely that Segismundo would really believe Clotaldo when Clotaldo tells Segismundo he was just dreaming?

8. How does Segismundo respond?

9. What transpires at the beginning of this scene?

10. Perhaps the most logical of all the character's words and actions takes place now as Rosaura rebuts Clotaldo's claiming honor as a reason he cannot harm Astolfo. What is Rosaura's rationale as to why Clotoldo can honorably help her.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Act 3, Scene 1, Segismundo perpetuates an act of clemency to Clotaldo, who has in the service of the king, wronged Segismundo over the years.

1. Do you believe you would have granted Clotaldo clemency had he participated in your imprisonment?

2. Is there a time you have, against the advice of others or your inclination, forgiven someone for a grievous wrong that person committed against you? How did you feel afterward? Were you glad to have forgiven that person?

3. Do acts of clemency from a king or president or ruler serve the greater good? Explain your answer and give an example, either real or hypothetical.

4. Just before leaving office, the president of the United States often grants pardons to numerous felons. Do you believe this power to grant pardons by the president is right? Does it benefit the nation or just the person receiving the pardon?

Essay Topic 2

After Basilio and his army is defeated, Basilio offers himself as a "sacrifice" in place of punishment for the rest of his followers. Write a cohesive essay addressing the questions below using specific examples from the text and your personal life.

Define the concept of sacrifice. Research the idea of sacrifice in the political arena. Write an essay describing several instances of someone who willingly sacrifices him/herself for the sake of the lives of others and/or the political careers of others. Have you ever had to offer to sacrifice something for someone else's well-being? How did you feel in doing so? Was the sacrifice willingly offered? What are some situations in which you would be willing to be a "sacrifice" for others?

Essay Topic 3

In Act 3, Scene 2, it is apparent that some sort of battle is going to take place between the lawful holders of power (King Basilio, Asolfo and Estrella) and Segismundo. Answer the following questions in essay form, using details and examples from the book and your own life.

1. If you were a noble in Poland during this situation, with whom would you side--King Basilio or Segismundo? Explain your answer.

2. How can this conflict can be settled without bloodshed?

3. Who do you believe should inherit the throne from King Basilio? Explain why you believe so.

4. If Segismundo were defeated, what do you think the King would do to him? What would you do to Segismundo were you the king if he were defeated in battle?

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