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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two characters are talking together?
(a) Clarnn and Rosaura.
(b) Basilio and Astolfo.
(c) Clotaldo and Basilio.
(d) Estrella and Astrea.

2. What is likely to happen given that the story is incomplete and the foreshadowing that has taken place up to this point?
(a) Segismundo will escape from the tower.
(b) Segismundo will commit suicide.
(c) Segismundo will kill his father.
(d) Segismundo will marry Astrea.

3. What does Segismundo do to Clotaldo instead of the action suggested in question #119?
(a) Chains him in the prison in place of Segismundo.
(b) Runs him through with a sword himself.
(c) Hugs him and says he forgives him.
(d) Dismisses him and sends him to serve Basilio.

4. What is the dominant tension in this scene?
(a) Between the "old" Segismundo and the "new" one.
(b) There is no real tension in this scene.
(c) Between Astolfo and Segismundo.
(d) Between Clarnn and the soldiers.

5. What percentage of the people of Poland desire Segismundo as their king?
(a) No one wants the brute for their king.
(b) Roughly fifty percent.
(c) Almost ninety-five percent.
(d) About ten percent.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Segismundo act about being in the tower and the palace scene being all a dream?

2. What in this scene is a possible theme of this work?

3. What is Rosaura's response to Caltaldo's compromise?

4. How does Segismundo react to the soldiers' offer?

5. Why is Clarnn a security threat to the kingdom?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Segismundo respond to the soldiers' errand?

2. What does Clotaldo reply when Segismundo bemoans his fate?

3. Does it seem odd that Clarnn is cast into prison even though several servants assisted the process of getting Segismundo back to the prison tower?

4. How does Clotaldo's waffling about this issue demonstrate the extent of the patriarchal culture in which he lives?

5. When this scene opens what is happening with Clarnn?

6. How does Segismundo respond to the idea that the right thing should be done even if one is dreaming?

7. Why has Clotaldo returned to the palace in such haste?

8. What transpires at the beginning of this scene?

9. How does Segismundo respond?

10. What foreshadows a possible positive ending to what could be a bloody civil war?

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