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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Segismundo reply to Clotaldo's lesson?
(a) Segismundo kills himself.
(b) Segismundo punches Clotaldo in the face.
(c) Segismundo accepts Clotaldo's counsel.
(d) Segismundo argues that Clotaldo is wrong.

2. What does Segismundo do to Clotaldo instead of the action suggested in question #119?
(a) Dismisses him and sends him to serve Basilio.
(b) Runs him through with a sword himself.
(c) Chains him in the prison in place of Segismundo.
(d) Hugs him and says he forgives him.

3. Who is probably relieved that Segismundo has been returned to the tower in disgrace?
(a) Clarnn.
(b) Rosaura.
(c) Astolfo and Estrella.
(d) Astrea.

4. How does Segismundo act about being in the tower and the palace scene being all a dream?
(a) Happy.
(b) Segismundo is not in the tower.
(c) Angry.
(d) Resigned.

5. Where does Caltaldo go at the end of this scene?
(a) To join with Segismundo's rebellious forces.
(b) To contront Astolfo.
(c) To Basilio.
(d) To his lawyer to change his will.

6. What characteristic of Rosaura's might prove a weakness?
(a) Her timidity.
(b) Her single mindedness.
(c) Her charisma.
(d) Her disloyalty.

7. What does Clotaldo do upon leaving the tower?
(a) Flees to Muscovy.
(b) Challenges Astolfo to a dual for Rosaura's honor.
(c) Flees to Basilio to inform him of the new developments.
(d) Kills himself.

8. What is the dominant tension in this scene?
(a) Between Astolfo and Segismundo.
(b) There is no real tension in this scene.
(c) Between the "old" Segismundo and the "new" one.
(d) Between Clarnn and the soldiers.

9. What may be foreshadowed about Segismundo's future behavior in this scene?
(a) That Segismundo will end up killing his father.
(b) That Clarnn will be hanged to silence him.
(c) That he will act more honorably and humanely.
(d) That Astrea and Segismundo will marry.

10. How does Clotoldo attempt to compromise with Rosaura?
(a) Offers her one thousand gold coins.
(b) Tells her that if she doesn't stop talking about this situation, she'll have to return home.
(c) Tells her he'll find her a husband that won't care if she's a virgin.
(d) Tells her he will name her his heir.

11. What could be said of Rosaura by her statements at the end of this scene?
(a) That she is taking charge of her own destiny.
(b) That she realizes that she was wrong to be so concerned with her honor.
(c) That she blames everyone for not helping her.
(d) That she is so discouraged, she's leaving for Muscovy immediately.

12. Segismundo's thinking about his "dream" and the new revelation it gives him about life, might be called what?
(a) A headache.
(b) An epiphany.
(c) Deus ex machina.
(d) The road not taken.

13. How does Clotaldo respond to Segismundo?
(a) Says Segismundo will be executed for murdering the servant.
(b) Says Rosuara is his daughter and Clotaldo wants to duel Segismundo for her honor.
(c) Says Segismundo will still be king.
(d) Says Segismundo never left his cell.

14. What lesson does Clotaldo offer for what happens in Segismundo's "dream"?
(a) That Segismundo should not get so drunk that he dreams such nonsense.
(b) That even when something is a dream, you should still do the right thing in the dream.
(c) That a dream tells you who you really are.
(d) That dreams are reflections of real life.

15. How does Rosaura argue against Clotoldo's feeling of debt to Astolfo?
(a) That a man who is honorable would help any woman in distress.
(b) That Rosarua has guessed Clotoldo is her father and that supercedes any other obligation.
(c) That Astolfo's honor is based on lies and is therefore non-existant.
(d) That because Astolfo does not remember saving Clotoldo, it doesn't matter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Segismundo decide after his conversation with Clotaldo and Clotaldo's advice about doing right in a dream?

2. What percentage of the people of Poland desire Segismundo as their king?

3. How did they get Segismundo back to his cell in the tower?

4. What makes it possible for Clotaldo to convince Segismundo that the time in the palace was a dream?

5. Who comes in and speaks with Clotaldo?

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