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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Clotaldo respond to Segismundo?
(a) Says Rosuara is his daughter and Clotaldo wants to duel Segismundo for her honor.
(b) Says Segismundo will still be king.
(c) Says Segismundo will be executed for murdering the servant.
(d) Says Segismundo never left his cell.

2. What might the idea of using a dream to convince Segismundo he has never left his cell be considered?
(a) Segismundo really isn't convinced.
(b) A plot contrivance.
(c) A lack of imagination.
(d) A fairly logical explanation.

3. Who arrives on the scene?
(a) Astrea.
(b) Estrella.
(c) Segismundo.
(d) Clotaldo.

4. What does the character in the answer to #110 hear while complaining?
(a) A mockingbird.
(b) Rosuara's voice.
(c) The sound of Astolfo fighting with Duke Muscovy.
(d) The sound of trumpets and drums.

5. Where do Basilio and Estrella go?
(a) To the tower.
(b) To the battleground.
(c) To Muscovy.
(d) To the palace gardens.

6. Why is Clotaldo torn about helping Rosaura?
(a) Astolfo saved Clotaldo life once.
(b) Clotaldo really doesn't know how to use a sword, which is why he gave his to Volente.
(c) Astolfo is Clotoldo's half brother.
(d) Basilio has forbidden him to do so.

7. What does Segismundo say when he awakes?
(a) He never wakes up; Clotaldo drugged him too deeply and he dies.
(b) Segismundo calls for his squire.
(c) Segismundo bemoans his unfortunate fate.
(d) Segismundo asks for his father, Basilio.

8. Who is bemoaning his fate?
(a) Segismundo.
(b) Basilio.
(c) Clotaldo.
(d) Clarnn.

9. How does Clotoldo attempt to compromise with Rosaura?
(a) Tells her he will name her his heir.
(b) Tells her he'll find her a husband that won't care if she's a virgin.
(c) Tells her that if she doesn't stop talking about this situation, she'll have to return home.
(d) Offers her one thousand gold coins.

10. How is Clarnn addressed?
(a) Scoundrel.
(b) King.
(c) Prince.
(d) Master.

11. Where is the setting when this scene opens?
(a) Muscovy.
(b) The prison tower.
(c) The palace.
(d) Great Britian.

12. Who is probably relieved that Segismundo has been returned to the tower in disgrace?
(a) Astrea.
(b) Astolfo and Estrella.
(c) Rosaura.
(d) Clarnn.

13. What does Segismundo occasionally wonder about throughout the rest of the story?
(a) Whether he really did dream the experience.
(b) If he should try to compensate the family of the servant he killed.
(c) If his dream could be prophetic.
(d) If Rosaura is in love with him.

14. What is the dominant tension in this scene?
(a) Between the "old" Segismundo and the "new" one.
(b) There is no real tension in this scene.
(c) Between Clarnn and the soldiers.
(d) Between Astolfo and Segismundo.

15. Who believes Clotaldo has played him for a fool?
(a) Clarnn.
(b) Basilio.
(c) Astolfo.
(d) Segismundo.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Segismundo dressed?

2. With what does the rebellion against the king begin?

3. What does Segismundo say he ought to do to Clotaldo?

4. Who begs the king to intervene in the riots?

5. When Rosaura speaks at length about honor, how does Clotaldo respond?

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