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1. What does it say about the status of women in this country by the mission on which Rosaura is embarked?

Rosaura is pursuing the Duke Astolfo who has essentially raped her and left her, now not a virgin and thus in dishonor. The fact that the Astolfo can do so with such impunity suggests this country is probably patriarchal and perhaps misogynistic.

2. Do you believe Rosaura should demand justice from the man who essentially rules the Dukedom in which she lives, or should she chalk the situation up to experience and get on with her life, as is later suggested by Caltalfo.

Yes, Rosuara should try to obtain some satisfaction to her honor in this matter because she is now basically considered unmarriageable in her culture. Besides this fact, perhaps a greater reason to seek justice is because if men are not held accountable for these type of actions, no woman is safe.

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