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The play is set in this kingdom c. 1630.


Several references are made to this kingdom, which either borders or at least is near the kingdom where the setting is located.

The Stars and Segismundo's Fate

Segismundo life is caused by the alignment of these upon his birth and is inevitable.

Segismundo's Tower Prison

Segismundo is raised in a cell in this place.

Segismundo's Clothes of Skins

Segismundo wears this while imprisoned.

Clotaldo's Potion

Clotaldo fashions this, which is akin to poison.

Clotaldo's Sword

This is a weapon which is given to Violente to present to her unborn child so s/he can claim a birthright.

Rosaura's Locket

Astolfo takes this from Rosaura which bears Rosaura's likeness.

The Royal Palace

This place, probably in Warsaw, is the primary setting of the play.

The Field of Battle

This place is the third and final setting used in the...

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