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Mock Trial

Hold a mock trial for one of the "crimes" in the book--examples: Asolfo's treatment of Rosara, Basilio's imprisonment of Segismundo, or Segimundo's rebellion.

Newspaper Announcment

Create an announcement for the marriages of Segismundo and Estrella and Asolfo and Rosaura.

Fatherhood Verification

Create a report that verifies Caltaldo's fatherhood status to Rosaura. Make up at least three points to prove it.


Compare Segismundo to the Beast in "Beauty and the Beast."


Act out at least one scene of the play.


Write a brief explanation as to how you would direct this play and what actors you would hire for the parts.

Graphic Novel

Take one scene and create a graphic novel chapter based on that scene.

War Correspondent

Be a war correspondent and write a newspaper article reporting the battle between Basilio's forces and Segismundo's forces.

Family Tree

Create a pretend family tree of...

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