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Act 1, First Scene (p. 293-303)

• Rosaura pursues Astolfo, who is on his way to marry his cousin and claim the Polish throne.

• Rosaura is seeking justice from Astolfo who probably raped her.

• Rosaura is accompanied by Clarnn, a jester-type character.

• Rosaura is dressed like a man for safety's sake.
• Rosaura is thrown from her horse and is not badly injured.

• As Rosaura about to remount, she hears moaning coming from a tower hidden in rocks.

• Rosaura and Clarnn investigate and hear a man threaten them when they enter the tower.
• Rosaura and Clarnn meet Segismundo and hear of his plight.

• Clotaldo and some guards arrive and arrest Rosaura and Clarnn.

• Clotaldo is particularly interested in the sword which Rosaura carries, though she refuses to tell him where she got it.

• Clotaldo explains to the audience (not the characters) that the sword is his and how he left it...

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