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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Wife's Story.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator compares the “wild, eager face” of the sculpture in “Life in the Iron Mills” to what?
(a) A seductive snake’s
(b) An enraged goddess’s
(c) A hungry child’s
(d) A starving wolf’s

2. What is Jacky’s relationship to the narrator’s husband in “The Wife’s Story”?
(a) She is his aunt
(b) She is his sister
(c) She is his ward
(d) She is his wife

3. The author of “A Biographical Interpretation” states that Rebecca Harding Davis grew up along what river?
(a) The Columbus River
(b) The Colorado River
(c) The Ohio River
(d) The Hudson River

4. The narrator in the beginning of “Life in the Iron Mills” refers to the reader as “You, Egoist, or Pantheist, or” what?
(a) Polarized
(b) Arminian
(c) Leonine
(d) Argentine

5. By what pet name does the narrator recall her husband fondly calling her when they first married in “The Wife’s Story”?
(a) Bitty
(b) Kitty
(c) Hetty
(d) Katie

Short Answer Questions

1. How long after her marriage does the narrator of “The Wife’s Story” say she and her husband moved?

2. What Latin phrase, translated as “Hungry and thirsty, his soul faints him” is used in “Life in the Iron Mills”?

3. Rebecca Harding Davis was the eldest of how many children in her family?

4. The narrator in “The Wife’s Story” says there had been a time when she had dreamed of achieving whose stature?

5. What Jacky’s last name in “The Wife’s Story”?

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