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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Wife's Story.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Christ is described in “Life in the Iron Mills” as having stood “with the fishermen and harlots by the sea of” what?
(a) Galilee
(b) Judea
(c) Islam
(d) Asia

2. In what year did the author of “A Biographical Interpretation” republish Life in the Iron Mills and Other Stories?
(a) 1992
(b) 1988
(c) 1972
(d) 1969

3. How long after her marriage does the narrator of “The Wife’s Story” say she and her husband moved?
(a) 5 months
(b) 2 and ½ years
(c) 3 months
(d) 18 months

4. How does the narrator describe Hugh Wolfe’s face in “Life in the Iron Mills”?
(a) A round and glowing face
(b) A meek, woman’s face
(c) A sly and jovial young man’s face
(d) A haggard face with slyness like a snake

5. Of Hugh Wolfe, the narrator says in “Life in the Iron Mills,” “Yet he was kind to her: it was his nature to be kind, even to the very” what?
(a) Rats that swarmed the cellar
(b) Dog that bit him
(c) Police that hold him down
(d) Beggars in the streets

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the narrator’s husband say used to trot Jacky “on his knee on the school-house steps” when she was a baby in “The Wife’s Story”?

2. Where does Deborah go to live after serving her jail sentence in “Life in the Iron Mills”?

3. On what date were L. Clarke Davis and Rebecca Harding Davis married?

4. How long has Deborah stood at the spools at her job in the beginning of “Life in the Iron Mills”?

5. One of the men that visits the mill along with other men in “Life in the Iron Mills” is the son of which of the mill-owners?

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