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Frances and Joseph Gies
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following did NOT lead to the decline of Troyes after 1250?
(a) A large flood in 1352.
(b) Worker dissatisfaction.
(c) Harsh taxation.
(d) Less of a need for a central fair.

2. What immediately follows the sermon in a typical church service?
(a) The thema.
(b) The Creed.
(c) The Gregorian chant.
(d) The Offertory.

3. When did towns like Troyes first start being granted charters?
(a) The 8th century.
(b) The 12th century.
(c) The 4th century.
(d) The 13th century.

4. What is the Chartres mile?
(a) A route around the city of Chartres on which prisoners were paraded and heckled.
(b) A pattern of stones on the floor of the cathedral at Chartres.
(c) A way to measure yarn.
(d) The mile-long road outside the city of Chartres.

5. When a siege occurs, who generally has the advantage?
(a) The city inhabitants.
(b) The attacking army.
(c) The Church.
(d) Neither have an advantage.

6. What disaster befalls Troyes in 1180?
(a) A bad flood.
(b) A large fire.
(c) A crop failure and famine.
(d) An outbreak of plague.

7. What is the avoir de poids?
(a) The part of a fair reserved for buying and selling of cloth.
(b) The footpath around Troyes.
(c) The part of a fair for commodities that must be weighed.
(d) The canal that separates the old city from the new city in Troyes.

8. What distinguishes the barbarian legacy of justice?
(a) A system of lawyers, evidence, and testimony.
(b) Duels, and the process of ordeals.
(c) Crimes are considered personal, rather than civil.
(d) The church system handles punishment.

9. What does the bell founder do to show his pride in making bells?
(a) He and a small team ring the new bell for three days' straight.
(b) He inserts a lock of his hair into the mold.
(c) He insists that a member of the town council ring the bell for the first time.
(d) He marks his bells with a custom signature or rhyme.

10. What accounts for the difference between low justice and high justice?
(a) Degree of severity.
(b) Whether the prisoner is kept in the tower or the dunjon.
(c) Geographical location.
(d) Whether it's handled by the Church or by the town council.

11. Which of the following is NOT one of the beliefs of the Albigensians?
(a) Marriage is a wicked sin.
(b) The cross is not in itself powerful.
(c) Baptism is a worthless practice.
(d) The Redemption and Incarnation did not occur.

12. How can a town council member be elected?
(a) By the heads of the merchant guilds.
(b) By popular vote of the craftsmen.
(c) By popular vote of the peasants.
(d) By the feudal lord and the royal court.

13. What is the most expensive and sought-after commodity of the High Middle Ages?
(a) Animal hides.
(b) Spices.
(c) Oil.
(d) Iron.

14. What are relics?
(a) The sacred physical remains of saints.
(b) Extremely elderly members of the clergy.
(c) Extremely elderly members of the congregation.
(d) Candles that help to illuminate statuary inside the church.

15. How does "The Mystere d' Adam" end?
(a) With Renard the Fox fooling yet another clueless hunter.
(b) With the detective solving the crime.
(c) In hell, with dancing demons.
(d) With the hero rescuing the princess.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is pepper a highly-valued spice?

2. Who handles crimes involving members of the clergy?

3. What is a proper subject for a Rutebauf poem?

4. The tale "Flamenca" is an example of what type of book?

5. Which of the following is NOT an option for a graduated university student of the Middle Ages?

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