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Frances and Joseph Gies
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the characteristics of the Gothic font?
(a) Soft, flowing letters with fine lines.
(b) Lower-case and upper-case letters.
(c) Stiff, angular letters written with heavy lines.
(d) Huge letters with no ornamentation.

2. Many of Thibaut IV's love songs are about which woman?
(a) The Duchess of Windsor.
(b) Cleopatra.
(c) Queen Elizabeth.
(d) Queen Blanche.

3. What is the Chartres mile?
(a) A way to measure yarn.
(b) A route around the city of Chartres on which prisoners were paraded and heckled.
(c) The mile-long road outside the city of Chartres.
(d) A pattern of stones on the floor of the cathedral at Chartres.

4. What disaster befalls Troyes in 1184?
(a) An outbreak of plague.
(b) A bad flood.
(c) A crop failure and famine.
(d) A large fire.

5. Why would a guild donate money for the construction of a cathedral?
(a) They pay in the hopes the Church will protect them from bandits.
(b) So the guild can bribe a Bishop into giving them a share of profits derived from the new cathedral.
(c) They are required to by royal edict.
(d) Because the cathedral is a common meeting place they will undoubtedly use.

6. What distinguishes the Germanic legacy of justice?
(a) A system of lawyers, evidence, and testimony.
(b) The church system handles punishment.
(c) Crimes are considered personal, rather than civil.
(d) Duels, and the process of ordeals.

7. Why might a lord call upon his subjects to take up arms?
(a) So he can look more impressive to visiting dignitaries.
(b) In case of a crisis like an invasion.
(c) As part of a gauntlet competition put on for royal amusement.
(d) For explorations into the New World.

8. What are fabliaux?
(a) Transcribed copies of the Bible.
(b) Short and often humorous folk tales written in verse.
(c) Long romance tales written in Latin.
(d) Fictionalized, humorous autobiographies.

9. Why is curriculum referred to as the liberal arts?
(a) Because what's taught is not expected to make money.
(b) Because teaching methods are more art than science.
(c) Because education is meant to be applied liberally, to all peoples.
(d) Because cathedral school is free to join.

10. What is the computus?
(a) The set of rules for determining the exact date of moveable feasts.
(b) A scale used to measure grain and spice.
(c) A crude abacus used for basic arithmetic operations.
(d) A map showing all the known lands in the world, and important landmarks.

11. Which of the following is NOT a right granted to citizens by a charter.
(a) The freedom from a variety of feudal taxes.
(b) The ability to negotiate military service with the feudal lord.
(c) The right to religious freedom of expression.
(d) The freedom to handle justice for certain crimes.

12. What language are church sermons given in?
(a) The vernacular.
(b) Latin.
(c) Aramaic.
(d) Greek.

13. What is the literal translation of Rutebeuf?
(a) Rude bagel.
(b) Red beef.
(c) Rough ox.
(d) Sex-changing hyena.

14. Which two parties negotiated town charters?
(a) A town's citizens and the reigning feudal lord.
(b) A town's bishop and the reigning feudal lord.
(c) A town's citizens and the town's bishop.
(d) A town's mayor and the conquering army's general.

15. Which of the following is NOT one of the beliefs of the Albigensians?
(a) Marriage is a wicked sin.
(b) The cross is not in itself powerful.
(c) Baptism is a worthless practice.
(d) The Redemption and Incarnation did not occur.

Short Answer Questions

1. What immediately follows the sermon in a typical church service?

2. Which of the following is NOT true about the Keeper of the Fair?

3. What is troping?

4. What is the most expensive and sought-after commodity of the High Middle Ages?

5. What disaster befalls Troyes in 1188?

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