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Short Answer Questions

1. What do Lorrie and Jimmy intend to do?

2. How did Beezo intend to get Lorrie up the hill?

3. Why can't Jimmy donate a kidney to Annie?

4. Who does Jimmy not see himself cast as?

5. What does Lorrie thank Jimmy for as they wend their way back up the embankment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What news does Captain Huey Foster give Jimmy when he calls him out of the delivery room?

2. How do they react when Andy is born, considering the threat Beezo made when he burned down their home?

3. What fills Jimmy with a sense of foreboding?

4. How does Punchinello first respond to the request for a kidney for Annie?

5. Why does Punchinello sometimes wonder if he's real?

6. What three things does Punchinello want to get in return for any cooperation?

7. After Jimmy's family arrives, and police deputies are standing guard, what phone call does Jimmy get?

8. What gives Jimmy's position away when he is waiting for the gunman to pass, and why is that fortuitous?

9. How does Jimmy finally overcome Beezo?

10. How does Jimmy keep his children from coming down stairs?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did Konrad Beezo know that Lorrie was due and had gone into labor? From where did he monitor her and how did he gain access to this convenient post? What does Huey Foster of the Snow Valley police department discover when he goes to Nedra's house? What condition does he find her in that upsets him to such a degree? What has Konrad done to her that is unusual and degrading?

Essay Topic 2

What events alter several lives on the day that Jimmy is born? How does Konrad react to the condition of his wife during her delivery? What does he do when the delivery is over? Who does he hold responsible for the events that take place in the delivery room? What does he do that changes Jimmy's life forever? How long does it take before Jimmy knows the truth?

Essay Topic 3

What is the last thing Konrad Beezo does before he disappears the first time? What three things remain when it is all over? What is the significance of these three items? Which item gives Jimmy the creeps? Why? How is it even possible that one of these items survives? What is written on the card that links him to the day he was born?

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