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Short Answer Questions

1. What has Konrad been doing according to Agent Porter Carson?

2. What does the boy try to give Jimmy?

3. How did Beezo intend to get Lorrie up the hill?

4. How had Nedra been killed by Konrad?

5. What does Lorrie thank Jimmy for as they wend their way back up the embankment?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How did Konrad Beezo know that Lorrie was due and had gone into labor? From where did he monitor her and how did he gain access to this convenient post? What does Huey Foster of the Snow Valley police department discover when he goes to Nedra's house? What condition does he find her in that upsets him to such a degree? What has Konrad done to her that is unusual and degrading?

Essay Topic 2

When is the next time Jimmy and Lorrie see Konrad Beezo? How does he manage to get past their defenses? What does he use as a disguise to get into the house? Who does he impersonate? To what degree does he change his appearance? What does he want this time? How do Jimmy and Lorrie react to this request? What is the outcome of this encounter?

Essay Topic 3

What happens on the fifth terrible day that Josef Tock predicted? How does the Tock family respond when the doorbell rings? Who is standing there and what does he want? Why does he panic when Jimmy tries to refuse his delivery? What is the delivery and why does the boy's last comment unnerve Jimmy to some degree?

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