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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Konrad want from Lorrie?

2. What has Konrad been doing according to Agent Porter Carson?

3. What does Jimmy realize as he hides from the gunman?

4. What does Konrad assure Lorrie of?

5. What fear do Annie and Lucy share?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Jimmy able to overcome his fear and propel himself into action?

2. What does Lorrie do that takes Beezo by surprise?

3. What does the doorbell reveal?

4. What three things does Punchinello want to get in return for any cooperation?

5. What precautions does Jimmy take when they leave the hospital with their new daughter, Annie?

6. How does Punchinello first respond to the request for a kidney for Annie?

7. Why does Punchinello sometimes wonder if he's real?

8. What gives Jimmy's position away when he is waiting for the gunman to pass, and why is that fortuitous?

9. What does Konrad want from Lorrie and why does he feel he is entitled to it?

10. How does Beezo manage to so completely fool Lorrie and Jimmy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does Lorrie reveal to Jimmie after they have managed to subdue and restrain Konrad Beezo? How does she explain the way she feels to him? What is she so grateful for, and why does she want him to know this now? What is so exceptionally different in her mind between her life and his? What does she admit to him that renders him speechless? How does it make him love her even more?

Essay Topic 2

How did Konrad Beezo know that Lorrie was due and had gone into labor? From where did he monitor her and how did he gain access to this convenient post? What does Huey Foster of the Snow Valley police department discover when he goes to Nedra's house? What condition does he find her in that upsets him to such a degree? What has Konrad done to her that is unusual and degrading?

Essay Topic 3

How many murders does Punchinello commit before the police take him into custody? What is the reason that he kills his first victim? Why does he kill the next victims? What reason does he have for committing the next murder? What kind of gift does he call it, and who is the gift for? Why is the gift obtained under somewhat dishonest circumstances?

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