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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Jimmy go back to Punchinello after they had left?

2. What is solipsism?

3. How had Nedra been killed by Konrad?

4. What happens to Konrad Beezo.

5. What is the third child born to Jimmy and Lorrie and when?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Konrad want from Lorrie and why does he feel he is entitled to it?

2. How does Beezo manage to so completely fool Lorrie and Jimmy?

3. What happens that helps Jimmy and Lorrie to move on with their lives?

4. What fills Jimmy with a sense of foreboding?

5. What is so significant about the gunman's identity?

6. What details must Jimmy attend to when they get to the hospital?

7. What does Punchinello finally agree to do the surgery in return for?

8. How does Jimmy finally overcome Beezo?

9. What gives Jimmy's position away when he is waiting for the gunman to pass, and why is that fortuitous?

10. What birth defect does Jimmy inquire about that reduces Punchinello to tears and why does it?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What events conspire to force Lorrie and Jimmie to go and see Punchinello Beezo in the Penitentiary? What surprises do they learn just prior to going, and how do they convince Punchinello that they are telling him the truth? What birth defect do both Punchinello and Jimmy share? How did Punchinello talk his father into fixing this defect? When the defect is fixed, how does Punch still disappoint his father?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Lorrie write the last few chapters of Jimmy's memoir's? What conclusions does the reader draw from the fact that Jimmy does not finish the story of his five terrible days? Where does Lorrie's version of events begin? How does she start her narration and in what ways is it similar to the narration as it was originally written by Jimmy?

Essay Topic 3

How does Jimmy propose to Lorrie? What things does he reveal to her during his proposal? What does this tell the reader about his personality and the type of character he is? Why does Lorrie turn him down at first? What does Jimmy do that changes her mind? How does she explain the reason that she turned him down, and what request does she make of him at that time?

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