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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Beezo respond?
(a) He shoots Jimmy.
(b) He shoots her in the stomach, twice.
(c) He shoots Annie.
(d) He shoots Lucy.

2. What does Huey Foster call to tell them?
(a) Konrad Beezo is in exile.
(b) Konrad Beezo is in jail.
(c) He is sending Agent Porter Carson with good news.
(d) Konrad Beezo is dead.

3. Who does Jimmy bring to support his statements?
(a) Charmin Colley.
(b) Christa Calman.
(c) Charlene Coleman.
(d) Charley Crisman.

4. How long does Lorrie's surgery last?
(a) Till 1:33am.
(b) Till 1:32 am.
(c) Till 3:13am.
(d) Till 2:23am.

5. Why does Beezo tell Jimmy and Lorrie he wants Andy?
(a) To make them pay for Punch's injuries.
(b) To give him another chance at fatherhood.
(c) To replace the son he lost when Punch went to jail.
(d) To turn him into the greatest clown alive.

6. What degree has Punchinello earned from prison?
(a) Correspondence degree in politics.
(b) Correspondence degree in medicine.
(c) Correspondence degree in science.
(d) Correspondence degree in law.

7. How old is Annie?
(a) Six.
(b) Seven.
(c) Four.
(d) Five.

8. When does Lorrie finally come home?
(a) January 11th.
(b) December 31st.
(c) January 2nd.
(d) January 21st.

9. What happens to Konrad Beezo.
(a) He manages to escape.
(b) He catches pnemonia.
(c) He follows them to the hospital.
(d) He kills a deputy.

10. Who does the agent tell them they have arrested?
(a) The whole crew.
(b) Second bank robber Emory Ornwall.
(c) All but Beezo.
(d) Konrad Beezo.

11. What happens the reveals the real source of the terrible fourth day?
(a) Rowena dies in her sleep.
(b) Lucy is kidnapped.
(c) Punch backs out at the last moment.
(d) Annie doesn't make it till surgery.

12. Why is Jimmy relieved?
(a) Beezo is dead.
(b) Lorrie and all three children are fine.
(c) Lorrie will survive.
(d) The children are unharmed.

13. What happens when Lorrie's water breaks?
(a) Jimmy is called to the phone.
(b) Jimmy talks to Konrad.
(c) Jimmy cries.
(d) Jimmy loses consciousness.

14. What fear does Andy develop?
(a) Monsters under the bed.
(b) Fear of fire.
(c) A child eating clown in the closet.
(d) Fear of outdoors.

15. What does he say after Jimmy takes it?
(a) Prepare to be enchanted.
(b) Prepare to be invited.
(c) Prepare to be amazed.
(d) Prepare to be surprised.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't Jimmy donate a kidney to Annie?

2. What does Lorrie tell Beezo to do?

3. After setting their home on fire, what conditions does Konrad promise to return under?

4. What do they follow to the hospital?

5. What does the boy try to give Jimmy?

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