Life Expectancy Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is so incredible about the predictions made by Josef in the hospital?

The predictions made by Josef in the hospital are incredible because Josef had come in after having a massive stroke that had left him paralyzed on the left side and had taken away his ability to speak. Despite that, he suddenly begins to make these predictions in crystal clear voice without slurring or difficulty. As he tells his son about these predictions, insisting Rudy write them down, he insists he is dying.

2. What remarkable things does Josef tell Rudy?

Josef tells Rudy what he and his wife had decided to name their son, although they'd told no one. He tells Rudy how big, how long and what Jimmy will weigh at birth. He discloses the fact that Jimmy will be born with a genetic disorder called Syndactyly, and gives Rudy five dates that he insists will be five terrible days in his son's life. Before he dies, he warns Rudy not to trust the clown, and laments the importance of kidneys.

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