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Part One: Chapters 1 - 4

• Jimmy Tock reminisces about the day he was born and the predictions made by his grandfather Josef.

• Josef dies just as Jimmy is born, right after making the predictions involving five terrible days.

• The predictions come in a clear and concise manner from a stroke victim unable to speak and dying.

• Rudy Tock, Jimmy's father, meets Konrad Beezo for the first time who makes him distinctly uncomfortable.

• Josef's predictions include Jimmy's name, weight, length and his rare genetic condition called Syndactyly.

• Beezo is waiting for his wife Natalie to give birth as well and does not speak well of his in-laws.

• He is still dressed in his clown attire, and has chosen the name Punchinello for his coming son.

• Konrad is convinced Punch will be the greatest clown that ever lived but his wife dies in childbirth.

• Josef relays five dates to Rudy, imploring...

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