Life as We Knew It Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Miranda learn when her father calls in Chapter 1?

When Miranda's father calls in Chapter 1, she learns that his new wife is having a baby. The baby is due in December, and they want Miranda to be the godmother.

2. What does Miranda think about her father's wife Lisa?

Miranda often finds Lisa immensely irritating. However, then Lisa will go ahead and do something very nice. Then Miranda can understand why her father married Lisa.

3. Who is Brandon Erlich?

Brandon Erlich is a figure skater. He is from the same town where Miranda and her family live. He is training in California to compete in the Olympics.

4. What was the school day like for Miranda on May 18?

May 18 was an ordinary day for Miranda. She and her friends rode the bus to school as usual. Sammi complained about the dress code for the prom, and Megan sat with her church friends. The whole school day was normal. Miranda was bored in French class. She stayed for swim class, and then her mom picked her up. It was just an ordinary day.

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