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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who created the first television dinners?
(a) Marie Callendar's.
(b) C.A. Swanson.
(c) Lean Cuisine.
(d) Banquet.

2. For what characteristic was Bryson's father known?
(a) He was a great dancer.
(b) He was a great bowler.
(c) He was artistic.
(d) He was cheap.

3. What was one of the few things that was really exciting for Bryson?
(a) Drive-in movies.
(b) Comic books.
(c) Camp outs.
(d) Going swimming.

4. Bryson's favorite candies were almost always made of ______________.
(a) caramel.
(b) wax.
(c) chocolate.
(d) lemon.

5. What did Bryson, Buddy and Bill do to the Lincoln Logs to turn them white?
(a) Soaked them in bleach.
(b) Urinated on them.
(c) Painted them.
(d) Rubbed lemons on them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of exercise did Bryson's father practice?

2. In what unusual place did Bryson's father practice his exercise?

3. How many children under the age of 12 were living in the mid-1950s in America?

4. What was the repercussion of underground bomb tests?

5. What was Bryson's father's job at the publication?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some of the appliances that people in the 1950s were excited about owning?

2. Where did Bryson go with his friend's family on a summer outing and why did he not look forward to it?

3. What importance did comic books have in the lives of Bryson and most other kids in the 1950s?

4. Who was the one girl that all the neighborhood boys wanted to see naked and how did Bryson miss out on this momentous occasion?

5. Name some of the things that showed that life was simpler and safer in the 1950s.

6. What sorts of things did Bryson and other kids do to help pass the long days?

7. Describe a typical experience of Bryson's family stopping to see his mother's family every time they went on vacation.

8. What behaviors did teenagers exhibit in the 1950s?

9. Who was The Thunderbolt Kid?

10. How many siblings did Bryson have?

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