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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Bryson and his friends make a little neighborhood kid eat once as an experiment?
(a) Kitty litter.
(b) Red berries in the backyard.
(c) Matches.
(d) Mud.

2. What was a popular spot for kids to play in in the 1950s?
(a) Alleys.
(b) Vacant lots.
(c) Basements.
(d) Pool halls.

3. What word was not allowed on television in the 1950s?
(a) Kraut.
(b) Pregnant.
(c) Nigger.
(d) Jew.

4. In what city did Bryson's mother's relatives live?
(a) Butte.
(b) Tucson.
(c) San Diego.
(d) Omaha.

5. What was the name of the store where Bryson bought penny candy?
(a) Sweet Sue's.
(b) The Candy Shoppe.
(c) Major's.
(d) Grund's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did the Thunderbolt Kid get his powers?

2. What family attraction and vacation spot opened in 1955?

3. Who was the friend that Bryson went on the outing with?

4. For what characteristic was Bryson's father known?

5. Who did Bryson think his real father must have been?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened to The Thunderbolt Kid's sacred jersey?

2. How did the Thunderbolt Kid get his powers and what were the circumstances of the Thunderbolt Kid getting his costume?

3. What sorts of things did Bryson and other kids do to help pass the long days?

4. What was Bryson's job as a boy and how did his absentmindedness become a liability?

5. What did Bryson learn about his parents that pleased him and how did this change his views of his real parentage?

6. What particular times were especially long for kids?

7. What were Bryson's favorite books in school and why did he like them?

8. Where did Bryson's grandparents live and what did he love about the place?

9. What was Bryson's opinion of staying in Des Moines versus moving to a bigger city?

10. What other accessories did Bryson need to become the Thunderbolt Kid?

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