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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what ocean is the Eniwetok atoll located?
(a) Indian.
(b) Arctic.
(c) Pacific.
(d) Atlantic.

2. Where did Bryson get to accompany his father on business-related trips?
(a) Printing plants.
(b) Major League ballgames.
(c) Business openings.
(d) Museums.

3. How many children under the age of 12 were living in the mid-1950s in America?
(a) 123 million.
(b) 32 million.
(c) 7 million.
(d) 903,000.

4. What precaution did kids in the 1950s not have to take?
(a) Cupboards were not baby-proofed.
(b) Had cell phones and pagers.
(c) They did not have to come inside when it got dark.
(d) Wore seat belts in the car.

5. Where was a bigger bomb dropped on March 1, 1954?
(a) Bikini atoll.
(b) Pacific Ocean.
(c) Malaysia.
(d) Utah.

Short Answer Questions

1. By 1958, the average child in the United States carried ten times more _______________ than the year before.

2. What was outlawed in almost every state?

3. Who was Bryson's sister?

4. What did Bryson's mother serve at every meal even though Bryson did not like it?

5. What appliance was treated like a treasured guest in the Bryson household?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some of the ways that boys could see glimpses of naked women?

2. What was the ritual Bryson had with his mother every Friday evening?

3. What was the only real danger in town and how did the Thunderbolt Kid take care of the situation?

4. How easy was it for Bryson to find somebody to play with?

5. What sorts of things did Bryson and other kids do to help pass the long days?

6. What importance did comic books have in the lives of Bryson and most other kids in the 1950s?

7. What form of exercise did Bryson's father like to practice and what was an unusual location for his exercise routine?

8. Describe the events at the lake and why this was one of the best days of Bryson's life?

9. What behaviors did teenagers exhibit in the 1950s?

10. What were some of the appliances that people in the 1950s were excited about owning?

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