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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Bryson say was the smartest person he ever met?
(a) Scooter Jones.
(b) Eddie Franklin.
(c) Doug Willoughby.
(d) Chuck Morrison.

2. Which friend got Bryson into the strippers' tent?
(a) Doug.
(b) Milton Milton.
(c) Eddie.
(d) Jed.

3. What entertainment venue did Bryson really enjoy?
(a) Max & Eddy's.
(b) The Iowa State Fair.
(c) Ice cream socials.
(d) The Des Moines Fair.

4. Where did Bryson and his friends have fun most of the year?
(a) Go-kart park.
(b) Swimming pool.
(c) Movie theater.
(d) Horse track.

5. What club did Doug Willoughby take over?
(a) The 4-H Club.
(b) The Drama Club.
(c) The Audio-Visual Club.
(d) The FFA Club.

6. What were Bryson's favorite books?
(a) Clifford the Dog.
(b) Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.
(c) The Adventures of Aqua Man.
(d) Dick and Jane books.

7. What did Bryson feel about where he grew up?
(a) He was bored to tears.
(b) He didn't feel one way or the other about it.
(c) He hated it.
(d) He was happy to be in a good city.

8. Students at the high school became preoccupied with _____________.
(a) smoking.
(b) marijuana.
(c) LSD.
(d) drinking.

9. What did Bryson say about the Des Moines of his youth?
(a) In most cases, it was no longer there.
(b) It has grown so much it was unrecognizable.
(c) It was really deteriorated.
(d) It was just the same as it always was.

10. What supermarket remained from Bryson's youth?
(a) Kroger's.
(b) Meijer.
(c) Dahl's.
(d) Albertson's.

11. Which friend went to college in California?
(a) Milton Milton.
(b) Chuck Morrison.
(c) Buddy Doberman.
(d) Jed Mattes.

12. What was the minimum age for admittance into the venue in #148 when Bryson was 13?
(a) 21.
(b) 18.
(c) 14.
(d) 16.

13. What weather condition was a threat to the area?
(a) Tornadoes.
(b) Earthquakes.
(c) Hurricanes.
(d) Blizzards.

14. Which friend appeared in Bryson's book, A WALK IN THE WOODS?
(a) Stephen Katz.
(b) Milton Milton.
(c) Doug Willoughby.
(d) Chuck Morrison.

15. What body part did Bryson break?
(a) Arm.
(b) Toe.
(c) Leg.
(d) Finger.

Short Answer Questions

1. At whose house was Bryson playing when he broke the body part in #133?

2. What subject did Bryson especially like?

3. Discoveries about his parents' successes made Bryson revise the story of _____________.

4. Where were the students supposed to go during the exercise in #107?

5. What was the happiest year on record according to the Gallup Organization?

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