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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What super power did the Thunderbolt Kid use primarily?
(a) Ability to leap tall buildings.
(b) Ability to fly.
(c) Ability to shoot lasers from his fingers.
(d) X-ray vision.

2. Where did the Brysons visit during their trip to the state in #59?
(a) Disneyland.
(b) Universal Studios.
(c) The White House.
(d) The Empire State Building.

3. What was the name of the store where Bryson bought penny candy?
(a) Sweet Sue's.
(b) Major's.
(c) Grund's.
(d) The Candy Shoppe.

4. What was the name of the cafeteria where the Brysons enjoyed having meals?
(a) McGreevey's.
(b) Callendar's.
(c) Dulaney's.
(d) Bishop's.

5. What was another fear for people in the 1950s?
(a) Communism.
(b) E Coli bacteria.
(c) X-rays.
(d) Fuel emissions.

6. What was a household item that people were buying in the 1950s?
(a) Dishwasher.
(b) Toaster.
(c) Trash compactor.
(d) Espresso machine.

7. What was the name of the novelty and joke store Bryson used to frequent?
(a) Buzz's Place.
(b) Star City.
(c) Pinky's.
(d) Malone's.

8. By 1958, the average child in the United States carried ten times more _______________ than the year before.
(a) copper.
(b) strontium.
(c) hydrogen.
(d) uranium.

9. What did Bryson's parents tell him his mother was doing when he came upon them having sex one afternoon?
(a) Checking his father's teeth.
(b) Changing the bedding.
(c) Looking for dirty socks.
(d) Testing out a new mattress.

10. How many children under the age of 12 were living in the mid-1950s in America?
(a) 7 million.
(b) 903,000.
(c) 32 million.
(d) 123 million.

11. What craft looked like fun at first but ended up being messy and frustrating?
(a) Building models.
(b) Paint by Numbers.
(c) Creepy Crawlers.
(d) Play-Doh.

12. Why did Bryson think he would never get to visit the location in #55?
(a) It was too far away.
(b) His mother said the rides were not safe.
(c) He was too old.
(d) His father was cheap.

13. Where did Bryson get to accompany his father on business-related trips?
(a) Printing plants.
(b) Museums.
(c) Business openings.
(d) Major League ballgames.

14. Where did Bryson grow up?
(a) Columbus, Ohio.
(b) Butte, Montana.
(c) Bangor, Maine.
(d) Des Moines, Iowa.

15. What was the main street of Bryson's hometown?
(a) Wayne Avenue.
(b) Commerce Street.
(c) Main Street.
(d) Grand Avenue.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did life in the 1950s make people feel?

2. What was an insect that rose from the ground and could fly up someone's shorts?

3. What was something that Bryson's mother tended to forget?

4. What was outlawed in almost every state?

5. Who was the Thunderbolt Kid?

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