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Bill Bryson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the doctor who made a house call to tend to Bryson's head injury?
(a) Dr. Alzheimer.
(b) Dr. Kerrigan.
(c) Dr. Bigelow.
(d) Dr. Morton.

2. What precaution did kids in the 1950s not have to take?
(a) Cupboards were not baby-proofed.
(b) Wore seat belts in the car.
(c) They did not have to come inside when it got dark.
(d) Had cell phones and pagers.

3. Who distributed fish tainted from the radioactive ash?
(a) U.S. Navy.
(b) New England seafood companies.
(c) Malaysian shrimp boats.
(d) Japanese fishermen.

4. For what publication did Bryson's father work?
(a) The Columbus Disptach.
(b) The Des Moines Register.
(c) The Reader's Digest.
(d) Sporting News.

5. What was outlawed in almost every state?
(a) Various sexual acts.
(b) Champagne.
(c) Panty raids.
(d) Lite beer.

6. What was a popular spot for kids to play in in the 1950s?
(a) Alleys.
(b) Pool halls.
(c) Basements.
(d) Vacant lots.

7. For what characteristic was Bryson's father known?
(a) He was a great bowler.
(b) He was cheap.
(c) He was a great dancer.
(d) He was artistic.

8. Why did Bryson hate going to the dentist?
(a) He had bad breath.
(b) He was too slow.
(c) He did not use Novocaine.
(d) He had a mean nurse.

9. Where did the Brysons spend Christmas of 1960?
(a) California.
(b) Washington, D.C.
(c) New York.
(d) Florida.

10. What was the name of the cafeteria where the Brysons enjoyed having meals?
(a) McGreevey's.
(b) Callendar's.
(c) Dulaney's.
(d) Bishop's.

11. What was Bryson's father's job at the publication?
(a) Managing editor.
(b) Sports writer.
(c) Photographer.
(d) Typesetter.

12. What did Bryson and his friends make a little neighborhood kid eat once as an experiment?
(a) Matches.
(b) Mud.
(c) Kitty litter.
(d) Red berries in the backyard.

13. Who was the friend that Bryson went on the outing with?
(a) Chuck.
(b) Eddie.
(c) Davey.
(d) Milton Milton.

14. Bryson recalled a day in August of ____________ when he went on an outing with a friend and his family.
(a) 1945.
(b) 1959.
(c) 1964.
(d) 1972.

15. About what decade of American life did Bryson write in this book?
(a) 1950s.
(b) 1940s.
(c) 1970s.
(d) 1960s.

Short Answer Questions

1. What family attraction and vacation spot opened in 1955?

2. Where could Bryson sneak a peek at the magazine in #78?

3. How did Bryson injure his head when he was ten-years-old?

4. What was the name of the novelty and joke store Bryson used to frequent?

5. In what month was Bryson born?

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