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Bill Bryson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, Farewell.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Bryson's mother move after her husband died?
(a) A smaller house.
(b) An apartment.
(c) A retirement community.
(d) Her daughter's house.

2. Where did Bryson's grandparents go nearly every night in the summer?
(a) Potluck dinners.
(b) VFW hall.
(c) Drive-in movie.
(d) Ice cream shop.

3. What was the repercussion of underground bomb tests?
(a) Destroyed phone lines.
(b) Earthquakes.
(c) Huge craters.
(d) Sunken mines.

4. What type of soda did Bryson get when he went downtown with his grandfather?
(a) Nehi.
(b) Dr. Pepper.
(c) Pepsi-Cola.
(d) Coca-Cola.

5. Who was President of the United States when Bryson was born?
(a) John F. Kennedy.
(b) Dwight Eisenhower.
(c) Richard Nixon.
(d) Harry Truman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What weather condition was a threat to the area?

2. Who created the first television dinners?

3. What did Bryson decide that he liked better than the item in #116?

4. What did Bryson and his friends make a little neighborhood kid eat once as an experiment?

5. What did Bryson's mother serve at every meal even though Bryson did not like it?

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