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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what age did Michael K have to start taking care of his mother, Anna, when her health began to fail?
(a) 18.
(b) 20.
(c) 30.
(d) 31.

2. Who told Michael K's mother that his lip would improve and close up over time?
(a) His father.
(b) The midwife.
(c) His aunt.
(d) Her doctor.

3. At what apartments did Anna K work for the duration of her eight years of employment?
(a) Gold Territory.
(b) Prince Albert.
(c) Cape Town.
(d) Cote d'Azur.

4. Michael was not judged to be smart enough for regular school, so he was sent to a special _______ institution.
(a) State.
(b) Local.
(c) Country.
(d) National.

5. What did Michael K decide to abandon after his encounter with the soldier who took from him?
(a) His name.
(b) Suitcase.
(c) His clothes.
(d) His money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would the hospital NOT give to Michael K's mother, even though she desperately needed it?

2. How long was it by car to travel to Prince Albert, according to Michael K's estimations?

3. For whose department did Michael K work when he was finally able to find work?

4. Michael K felt that it was his _______ to take care of his mother when she became ill.

5. Anna K had worked as a ________ for eight years when she was in Sea Point, which was a suburb.

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