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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The nurses at the hospital ___________ to let Michael K stay with his mother overnight in the ward.
(a) Decided.
(b) Were willing.
(c) Thought.
(d) Would not willing.

2. Where does K go instead of going to work the day after his mother tells him that she wants to move?
(a) The hospital.
(b) A store.
(c) The border crossing.
(d) Train station.

3. Why is Michael K unable to procure a ticket to get him and his mother to another city?
(a) No permit.
(b) There are no tickets available.
(c) Not enough money.
(d) His deformity.

4. Where did K go in order to steal the parts he felt he needed to make a makeshift seat for his mother to travel in?
(a) A hardware store.
(b) The basement.
(c) The hospital.
(d) Work shed.

5. Michael K was fed by some strangers, but the children continued to stare at his __________.
(a) Long fingernails.
(b) Long hair.
(c) Lip.
(d) Emaciated body.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the grandson of the Visages decide that Michael K was there for?

2. Where did police put Michael K when they found him on the side of the road without any papers?

3. After the accident, it seems that travel was restricted to the ___________ by the order of the police and government.

4. What had Anna saved in order to help her and Michael K get to the city where she wants to be?

5. What did Michael K notice about himself even though he had not eaten in a few days?

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