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Short Answer Questions

1. In Volume 8, why does Walter write Toby a letter?

2. What does Walter Shandy like to drink?

3. Where does Toby Shandy set up his battle scenes?

4. Who does Tristram consult for advice in Volume 7?

5. In Volume 5, who finds Tristram after he has been injured?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Toby and Trim temporarily move in with Widow Wadham?

2. What might Tristram mean when he describes romance as, "It is with love as with cuck-oldom"?

3. How does Walter Shandy react to Tristram's injury in Volume 5?

4. Why does Trim take responsibility for Tristram's injury in Volume 5?

5. What irony exists in Walter Shandy's attempt to write a child-rearing book?

6. How does Toby discover his love for Widow Wadham?

7. How does the Shandy household react to the news of Bobby's death?

8. How is Tristram injured at the age of five?

9. Why does Tristram's mother eavesdrop on Walter and Toby's conversation in Volume 5?

10. How does Toby become Billy Le Fever's guardian?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the protagonist and antagonists of the novel. How is Tristram an "anti-hero"? What conflicts does he endure? How are the conflicts of the novel resolved?

Essay Topic 2

What elements of foreshadowing are present in the novel? How does foreshadowing motivate the action of the plot? How does Sterne use foreshadowing as a marketing tool?

Essay Topic 3

How does the setting of the novel affect the mood of the story? Describe the differences between Sterne's masculine and feminine settings. Why does the masculine setting dominate the novel?

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