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Short Answer Questions

1. What explanation does Toby give for Mrs. Shandy's reluctance to employ Dr. Slop?

2. In Volume 3, what does Dr. Slop create in the kitchen?

3. Who is the narrator?

4. Who does Mrs. Shandy wish to have deliver her child?

5. To what does Walter Shandy attribute his family problems?

Short Essay Questions

1. What unusual literary element is placed in the middle of Volume 3?

2. Whom does Dr. Slop blame for his injury?

3. Describe Dr. Slop.

4. How does Toby's hobby assist in his recovery?

5. Why is Dr. Slop offended by the midwife's request to attend the birthing?

6. Describe Walter Shandy.

7. How is Tristram's face deformed?

8. To what does Uncle Toby attribute to Tristram's problems before entering the world?

9. How does Yorick assist the midwife?

10. How does Tristram end up with the wrong name?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What views about social class are expressed in the novel? How do the Shandys treat their servants? Why does Dr. Slop make such a point to verbally abuse Obidiah and complain about the midwife? What perception of social class does Tristram express?

Essay Topic 2

How does the setting of the novel affect the mood of the story? Describe the differences between Sterne's masculine and feminine settings. Why does the masculine setting dominate the novel?

Essay Topic 3

What impact does superficial and self-serving behavior have on the characters in the novel? Do any of the characters demonstrate growth or emotional development? What point might Sterne be making about human behavior?

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