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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the "beds of justice"?
(a) The couches in the parlor.
(b) Walter's law books.
(c) Walter's bed.
(d) The flowerbeds.

2. What concern does Widow Wadham express about Toby Shandy in Volume 8?
(a) His conversational abilities.
(b) The extent of his groin wound.
(c) His finances.
(d) His intelligence.

3. Where does Tristram find his travel notes?
(a) In his back pocket.
(b) Wadded up in the street.
(c) Crumpled up under a lady's hat.
(d) In the donkey's feed sack.

4. How do the abbess and the novice make their mules move?
(a) By reciting poetry.
(b) By splitting the syllables of offensive words.
(c) By beating them with rods.
(d) By leading them with a rope.

5. Who is called to tend Tristram's wound in Volume 5?
(a) The midwife.
(b) Dr. Slop.
(c) Mrs. Shandy.
(d) Yorick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Johnathan's profession?

2. How old is Tristram when he is injured by a falling window sash?

3. What does Trim inherit from Lieutenant Le Fever?

4. For what position does Toby recommend Billy Le Fever?

5. Which commandment does Yorick ask Trim to repeat?

Short Essay Questions

1. What difficulty does Tristram encounter in Lyon?

2. How does Toby react to the end of the war?

3. Describe the farcical nature of the story of the abbess and the novice.

4. How does Toby plan to approach Widow Wadham about his affections?

5. Who is Lieutenant Le Fever?

6. What irony exists in Walter Shandy's attempt to write a child-rearing book?

7. Why do Toby and Trim temporarily move in with Widow Wadham?

8. Why does Tristram decide to travel abroad in Volume 7?

9. Why does Tristram's mother eavesdrop on Walter and Toby's conversation in Volume 5?

10. What dispute arises over Tristram's injury in Volume 6?

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