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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tune does Toby whistle in Volume 3?
(a) Eileen Oge.
(b) Lillabullero.
(c) Ally Croaker.
(d) The Keys of Canterbury.

2. What concerns does Walter Shandy have about Dr. Slop's abilities?
(a) He questions the validity of his medical license.
(b) He thinks the doctor is too short to operate.
(c) He is concerned that the forceps will damage the baby.
(d) He believes the doctor has been drinking.

3. What does Walter Shandy want to name his newborn son?
(a) Phutatoruis.
(b) Tristram.
(c) Trismegistus.
(d) Judas.

4. How tall is Dr. Slop?
(a) Five and three-quarters of a foot tall.
(b) Four and a half feet tall.
(c) Six feet tall.
(d) Three feet, eleven inches tall.

5. What concern does Walter Shandy express about his son's birth in Volume 2?
(a) A breech birth is indicative of a stubborn child.
(b) A long delivery could cause a deformity.
(c) Mrs. Shandy is too old to deliver a child.
(d) Mrs. Shandy's pelvis could crush his head.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has the power to change Tristram's name?

2. Who delivers a fine sermon while the other characters wait for Tristram's birth?

3. Who is Trim?

4. What medical instrument does Dr. Slop show Toby?

5. How long does Toby take to recover from his injury?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Trim take responsibility for Tristram's injury in Volume 5?

2. Describe Toby Shandy.

3. How does Toby become Billy Le Fever's guardian?

4. Why does Tristram's mother give birth in the country?

5. Why do Toby and Trim temporarily move in with Widow Wadham?

6. What unusual friend does Tristram make in Lyon?

7. How does Walter Shandy help his brother after he returns from war?

8. Why is Dr. Slop offended by the midwife's request to attend the birthing?

9. What distracts Walter Shandy from his ire at the end of Volume 4?

10. Why does Obidiah ride to Dr. Slop's residence twice?

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