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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reaction does Walter Shandy have to Bobby's death?
(a) He comments philosophically.
(b) He goes back to sleep.
(c) He continues reading his book.
(d) He weeps uncontrollably.

2. What is Johnathan's profession?
(a) The undertaker.
(b) The cook.
(c) The butler.
(d) The coachman.

3. How does Tristram describe love in his alphabetical listing?
(a) Rightful.
(b) Randy.
(c) Ridiculous.
(d) Romantical.

4. Who falls in love with Toby Shandy in Volume 8?
(a) Mrs. Shandy.
(b) Bridget.
(c) Widow Wadham.
(d) Susannah.

5. What unusual friend does Tristram make in Lyon?
(a) A sheep.
(b) A pigeon.
(c) A donkey.
(d) A dove.

6. What does Susannah hope to inherit in Volume 5?
(a) Silver and china.
(b) Mrs. Shandy's dresses.
(c) A large sum of money.
(d) Bobby Shandy's estate.

7. For what item is Tristram forced to pay in Lyon?
(a) A notebook.
(b) A new shoe.
(c) A suitcase.
(d) Another carriage.

8. Where does Tristram find his travel notes?
(a) Crumpled up under a lady's hat.
(b) Wadded up in the street.
(c) In his back pocket.
(d) In the donkey's feed sack.

9. Who keeps interrupting the story of the King of Bohemia?
(a) Trim.
(b) Toby.
(c) Walter.
(d) Yorick.

10. What do Dr. Slop and Susannah throw at each other in Volume 6?
(a) The poultice.
(b) Slop.
(c) Fruit.
(d) Water.

11. Who is called to tend Tristram's wound in Volume 5?
(a) Mrs. Shandy.
(b) The midwife.
(c) Dr. Slop.
(d) Yorick.

12. Who is Lieutenant Le Fever?
(a) Toby's cousin.
(b) Toby's commanding officer.
(c) A soldier Toby tries to help.
(d) Trim's cousin.

13. What reaction does Trim have to Bobby's death?
(a) He goes back to sleep.
(b) He weeps uncontrollably.
(c) He continues reading his book.
(d) He delivers a poetical speech.

14. What does Tristram write about Calais?
(a) A history of the town.
(b) His time with Julia.
(c) The cuisine.
(d) The streets are nasty and foul-smelling.

15. Where does Toby Shandy set up his battle scenes?
(a) On the bowling green.
(b) On the roof.
(c) In the parlor.
(d) In the kitchen.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the irony evident in Walter Shandy's book?

2. In Volume 5, what does Walter Shandy do while his son's wound is being tended?

3. How does Tristram escape death?

4. Who feels guilty about removing the lead from the window?

5. In Volume 5, why does Mrs. Shandy eavesdrop on her husband?

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