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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who falls in love with Toby Shandy in Volume 8?
(a) Mrs. Shandy.
(b) Bridget.
(c) Widow Wadham.
(d) Susannah.

2. How does Tristram describe love in his alphabetical listing?
(a) Randy.
(b) Rightful.
(c) Ridiculous.
(d) Romantical.

3. What reaction does Susannah have to Bobby's death?
(a) She comments philosophically.
(b) She runs into the kitchen weeping.
(c) She continues reading her book.
(d) She goes back to sleep.

4. What reaction does Walter Shandy have to Bobby's death?
(a) He comments philosophically.
(b) He weeps uncontrollably.
(c) He goes back to sleep.
(d) He continues reading his book.

5. Why does Toby spend a few nights at the Widow Wadham's house?
(a) She needs manly work done in the house.
(b) The construction of his house is incomplete.
(c) She hosts a large party.
(d) His house floods.

6. Who has accompanied Tristram to France in the past?
(a) Walter, Toby and Trim.
(b) Walter and Mrs. Shandy.
(c) Julia and Trim.
(d) Trim and Obidiah.

7. Who is Tom?
(a) Toby's brother.
(b) Trim's nephew.
(c) Trim's brother.
(d) Toby's nephew.

8. Why does Walter want Tristram to wear breeches?
(a) To imitate his father.
(b) To appear more manly.
(c) To appear modest.
(d) To hide his deformity.

9. How do the abbess and the novice make their mules move?
(a) By leading them with a rope.
(b) By beating them with rods.
(c) By splitting the syllables of offensive words.
(d) By reciting poetry.

10. What unusual friend does Tristram make in Lyon?
(a) A sheep.
(b) A pigeon.
(c) A dove.
(d) A donkey.

11. In Volume 5, why does Mrs. Shandy eavesdrop on her husband?
(a) She suspects he is being unfaithful.
(b) She thought she heard the word "wife".
(c) She is interested in his reaction.
(d) She wants to learn about the world of men.

12. How does Tristram travel through the southern region of France?
(a) By train.
(b) By stagecoach.
(c) By mule.
(d) On foot.

13. In Volume 8, why does Walter write Toby a letter?
(a) To explain how to deal with women.
(b) To encourage him to make a will.
(c) To apologize for his behavior.
(d) To express his anger.

14. What does Susannah burn in Volume 6?
(a) A shift.
(b) A bedsheet.
(c) Her hand.
(d) A wig.

15. What does Walter Shandy decide to write in Volume 5?
(a) An autobiography.
(b) An educational book.
(c) A history book.
(d) A philosophy volume.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Volume 8, which character makes a battle plan with Toby to approach the Widow Wadham?

2. What is in Dover?

3. In Chapter 1 of Volume 5, what subject does Tristram discuss?

4. Who does Walter want to have tutor Tristram?

5. Why does Tristram relieve himself out the window in Volume 5?

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