Objects & Places from The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy

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Object Descriptions

The Parlor - Men often gather in this place to philosophize about life and wait for births.

The Kitchen - The place the servants gather to gossip.

France - Tristram travels around this area in the Seventh volume.

The Village Inn - Lieutenant Le Fever falls ill at this location.

The Battle of Navarre - Toby injures his groin during this event.

The Sentry - Toby watches his battles and falls in love from this location.

Widow Wadham's House - Toby proposes in this place.

The Shandy's Bedroom - The story begins in this place.

The Bowling Green - Toby and Trim reenact battles in this place.

Sash Window - This object circumcises Tristram.

Tristram's Notes - Tristram loses these objects, but later finds them under a lady's hat.

Shandy Hall - Walter lives in this place.

Dr. Slop's bag - Obadiah is sent to retrieve this...

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