The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Character Descriptions

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Walter Shandy

This character has a habit of philosophizing on every subject.

Uncle Toby

This character sustains a groin injury while fighting in the British army.

Tristram Shandy

This character is the narrator.

Tristram's Mother

This character interrupts lovemaking with a question about the cuckoo clock.


This character is the village parson.

The Parson's Wife

Mentioned only in the first volume, this character persuades a relative to finance a license.


This character's death coincides with the narrator's birth.

Aunt Dinah

This character marries a lowly coachman and is therefore a source of embarrassment for the family.

The Midwife

This character delivers the narrator.

Doctor Slop

This character is responsible for damaging the narrator's nose.


This character loves gossip and helps deliver the narrator.


This character is a servant to a widow.


This character is sent to find a doctor.


The narrator views...

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