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Volume 1

• Tristram Shandy is conceived.

• Tristram's mother asks about the clock during intercourse.

• Tristram describes his rights as a homunculus.
• Tristram, the narrator, declares that he will offer his opinions about the events surrounding his life.

• Uncle Toby claims that Tristram's problems began at conception.

• Tristram describes his father and his conception.
• Tristram's mother wants a nearby midwife to deliver her son.

• The parson and his wife finance the local midwife's license.

• Yorick, the parson, is compared to his Shakespearian namesake and the main character in Don Quixote.

• Tristram discusses Yorick's life and death.
• Tristram details the legal arrangements of his parents' marriage.

• Tristram describes the arguments between his parents.

• Tristram describes the relationship between his father and Uncle Toby.

• Tristram describes his Uncle Toby's groin injury.

Volume 2

• Tristram explains how his father gave Uncle Toby a home while he recovered from his groin injury.

• Tristram's father brings...

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