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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is found in the Captain's locked desk?
(a) Letters.
(b) Orders.
(c) Journals.
(d) Bottles of rum.

2. Horatio proposes that the landing party be made of ______________.
(a) 80 men.
(b) 208 men.
(c) 180 men.
(d) 108 men.

3. Who says, "The traitors meet their desserts and the loyal hearts their reward. Give a cheer, you men."?
(a) Bush.
(b) The Captain.
(c) Hornblower.
(d) Buckland.

4. What rank is Hornblower on the ship?
(a) 3rd.
(b) 6th.
(c) 4th.
(d) 5th.

5. Mr. Lomax is ______________.
(a) The purser.
(b) The ship surgeon.
(c) A midshipman.
(d) A volunteer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Wellard is a ____________.

2. Hornblower shows recognition that the Captain's behavior is unusual by ______________.

3. Which marine sprains his ankle during the climb?

4. The word _______ strikes Bush's ear with special emphasis as the Captain reads.

5. Who takes command of the landing party?

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