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HMS Renown

This is the location where most of the novel's action takes place.

Santo Domingo and the Saman√° Fortress

This is a location in Haiti where most of the novel's action takes place.


A shot of rum mixed with a certain amount of water.

Heated Shot (or Red-hot Shot)

These are heated cannonballs.

Futtock-Shrouds and the Lubber's Hole

Seamen climb these to get to the top of the ship's sails.


These are the lethal causes of several deaths and injuries upon wooden ships while under attack from cannons.

The Weather Gauge

This is any position upwind of another vessel that allows a vessel to maneuver at will toward any downward point and thus gain tactical advantage over other ships.


This is a short, lightweight smooth bore cannon that was used as short-range cannons by the British Navy until about 1860.


To do this is...

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