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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lee call his journal?

2. Where is Frank in 6 September?

3. What is the name of the KGB agent who becomes Oswald's close acquaintance?

4. Where do Wayne Elko, Raymo, and Frank meet in 2 July?

5. In 2 July, what does Ferrie want from Carmine Latta?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Oswald do in Dallas prior to killing Kennedy?

2. Why is Oswald brought back to Moscow?

3. How are Oswald's plans stymied in Mexico City?

4. How does Lee Oswald decide to kill General Walker?

5. Describe Lee's life in Minsk after returning from the U-2 Interrogation.

6. Why does Lee Oswald try to kill himself in Moscow?

7. What strange items has the CIA curator provided Branch with?

8. Describe the conversation between Ruby and Tony Astorina on September 25th.

9. What deal does Lee strike with the FBI in New Orleans?

10. How do Lee and Marina settle into Fort Worth?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Libra's central topic is the Kennedy assassination, but he also incorporates connections to other military-political events of the time. Write an essay about three of these events. What is their Cold War significance? How, in Libra, do they connect to the story of Lee Oswald? Are these connections historically accurate or largely invented by the author?

Part 1) The U-2 Incident

Part 2) The Bay of Pigs

Part 3) The General Walker shooting

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the nihilistic tone of Libra. To what extend do the events of the novel add up to a sum of nothing thematically? What impels Lee Oswald toward his final end? Does Win Everett achieve anything he intended? In the end, does President Kennedy die for any reason? Discuss if the world of Libra is one in which fate or some higher power guides characters' ends.

Essay Topic 3

The assassination passage of Libra is a harrowing and disturbing series of pages, but it clearly elucidates the reality of the day. In an essay, discuss how Don DeLillo frames the events on November 22, 1963 in this passage. Whose point of view does the author tell the assassination from? Is the passage linear in its chronology? How does the author eventually make clear who killed Kennedy?

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