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Short Answer Questions

1. In 25 September, what does Ferrie tell Lee to visit in Dallas?

2. At the beginning 12 August, what do the two strippers decide about Jack Ruby?

3. What is the name of George de Mohrenschildt's debriefing agent?

4. Who shares the motel room with T-Jay in 15 July?

5. Where does the Soviet government move Lee after his suicide attempt?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Lee and Marina decide to return to America?

2. What deal does Lee strike with the FBI in New Orleans?

3. How does Lee have a falling out with the FBI in New Orleans?

4. Describe the conversation between Ruby and Tony Astorina on September 25th.

5. How are Oswald's plans stymied in Mexico City?

6. What new plan is Frank Vasquez hatching on September 6th?

7. How does Lee and Marina's relationship begin?

8. On August 12th, what concerns does Win Everett express to Parmenter?

9. What does Oswald do in Dallas prior to killing Kennedy?

10. How does Lee Oswald try to expedite his meeting with Soviet agents after his suicide attempt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about the value of intelligence in Libra. How does the life of Lee Oswald reflect the way information is monetized? Why is Lee Oswald given a flat and a job in Minsk by the Soviets? Why do both the CIA and the FBI express interest in Oswald after his return to the US? Discuss how Oswald, because of his faulty understanding of his intelligence, proves useless to these agencies.

Essay Topic 2

The political world of the book world is one of interlocking yet competitive covert interests. Write an essay about how these interests affect the life of Lee Oswald. What are each of these interests' objectives, and what role is Oswald supposed to play in these objectives? Which of these covert groups gives up on Oswald and which places nearly all of its hopes on him?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the character of Marguerite. How does Don DeLillo use her to frame the story, and to what extent does she reemerge as a sort of Greek chorus, commenting on Lee's fate? Why do her passages often involve the first person? Analyze her personality and neuroses: how do they reveal an ability to see the world as it is?

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