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Short Answer Questions

1. With whom does Oswald live immediately after arriving in Fort Worth?

2. Where does Lee's mother go in this chapter to find out where her son is?

3. What is the name of the KGB agent who becomes Oswald's close acquaintance?

4. What do Le and Marina do a short time after they meet?

5. What does lee call the article he writes at the end of the chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What new plan is Frank Vasquez hatching on September 6th?

2. How does Lee Oswald try to expedite his meeting with Soviet agents after his suicide attempt?

3. Describe the interviews Oswald has in Moscow?

4. Why is Oswald brought back to Moscow?

5. How does Lee have a falling out with the FBI in New Orleans?

6. What calls Oswald's testimony into question in Minsk?

7. What role does writing play and Lee's life in Minsk?

8. How do Lee and Marina settle into Fort Worth?

9. What money problems is Jack Ruby facing on August 12th?

10. What deal does Lee strike with the FBI in New Orleans?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about Lee Oswald's private relationship with the concept of history. At what point in Oswald's personal development does he begin to consider himself a major player of history? How does he try to impress himself upon the scope of history? Discuss the process by which Oswald realizes he will not affect history in a positive way, and how this skews his view of the world.

Essay Topic 2

The political world of the book world is one of interlocking yet competitive covert interests. Write an essay about how these interests affect the life of Lee Oswald. What are each of these interests' objectives, and what role is Oswald supposed to play in these objectives? Which of these covert groups gives up on Oswald and which places nearly all of its hopes on him?

Essay Topic 3

In Libra, Oswald's existence and objectives seem to shift depending on what setting he inhabits. Write an essay about three locations and how Oswald lives his life there. What seems to be his goal in life? Who does he associate with, and what image does he project? Discuss how this persona of Oswald is different from the one in his previous home and in his future home?

Part 1) In Atsugi

Part 2) In Minsk

Part 3) In New Orleans

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