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Short Answer Questions

1. What religion is the first girl in Minsk that Lee proposes to?

2. What physical evidence form Oswald is Branch surprised to have in 2 July?

3. With whom does Oswald live immediately after arriving in Fort Worth?

4. Why does Oswald go to the Russian Ministry at the beginning of his time in Moscow?

5. Aside from Fidel Castro, what is General Edwin Walker a verbal opponent of?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Frank and Raymo commiserate about on July 2nd?

2. What does Oswald do in Dallas prior to killing Kennedy?

3. How does Mackey subvert the assassination ploy on July 15th?

4. What deal does Lee strike with the FBI in New Orleans?

5. What calls Oswald's testimony into question in Minsk?

6. On August 12th, what concerns does Win Everett express to Parmenter?

7. What money problems is Jack Ruby facing on August 12th?

8. How does the move to Fort Worth affect Lee and Marina's marriage?

9. How does Lee have a falling out with the FBI in New Orleans?

10. Describe the interviews Oswald has in Moscow?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay about the value of intelligence in Libra. How does the life of Lee Oswald reflect the way information is monetized? Why is Lee Oswald given a flat and a job in Minsk by the Soviets? Why do both the CIA and the FBI express interest in Oswald after his return to the US? Discuss how Oswald, because of his faulty understanding of his intelligence, proves useless to these agencies.

Essay Topic 2

The novel Libra begins with a single CIA man having a plan to fake an assassination attempt and bringing two colleagues on board. Write an essay about each of these three men. What is each man's vested interest in this plan? What is he revenging? What goal does he wish to attain? In the end, how does this man lose control of the people he brings on board with the plot? What becomes of him?

Part 1) Everett

Part 2) Parmenter

Part 3) Mackey

Essay Topic 3

The character of Marina Oswald is distinctly passive compared to the other major figures of the novel. Write an essay about Marina's function in Libra. How do she and Lee meet, and why does she come with him to America? Discuss how she reacts to his increasingly unhinged personality, including her coping with domestic abuse. How does Marina respond to the realization that Oswald killed the President?

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