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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What institution does Ferrie warn Oswald about in New Orleans?
(a) KGB.
(b) Ku Klux Klan.
(c) FBI.
(d) The Masons.

2. How old is Lee in New Orleans?
(a) About 9.
(b) About 13.
(c) About 30.
(d) About 22.

3. Why is Lee place in the brig at Atsugi?
(a) An unauthorized weapon.
(b) For revealing secrets to Japanese civilians.
(c) For Communist tendencies.
(d) An altercation with an officer.

4. Who is Robert Sproul?
(a) Lee's teacher.
(b) Lee's friend.
(c) Marguerite's landlord.
(d) Marguerite's boyfriend.

5. How did George de Mohrenschildt ostensibly die?
(a) A heart attack.
(b) Suicide.
(c) An airline crash.
(d) A mugging.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which failed operation is Parmenter fixated on in 20 May?

2. In New Orleans, what does Marguerite feel Lee focuses on?

3. What does Win suggest will turn Kennedy's attention to Castro again?

4. With whom does Oswald live in the Bronx?

5. What does Win talk to his wife about at the end of the chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What calls Oswald's testimony into question in Minsk?

2. What do Win, Parmenter, and Mackey discuss in 17 April?

3. What do Frank and Raymo commiserate about on July 2nd?

4. How do Lee and Marina settle into Fort Worth?

5. Why, according to Parmenter, did the Bay of Pigs invasion fail?

6. What does George de Mohrenschildt tell Parmenter about Oswald in this chapter?

7. How does Lee meet David Ferrie?

8. Why does Lee Oswald try to kill himself in Moscow?

9. Describe the colorful conversation Bannister has at a bar on June 19th.

10. What strange items has the CIA curator provided Branch with?

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