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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Lee not tell Dr. Braunfels about himself?
(a) He is a Communist.
(b) He is from Texas originally.
(c) He is dyslexic.
(d) He was court-martialled.

2. In what city did George de Mohrenschildt meet Oswald?
(a) West Berlin.
(b) Dallas.
(c) Minsk.
(d) New Orleans.

3. Which failed operation is Parmenter fixated on in 20 May?
(a) An attempt on Win Everett's life.
(b) The first attempt on Castro's life.
(c) An attempt to libel Kennedy a Communist.
(d) The Bay of Pigs invasion.

4. What institution does Ferrie warn Oswald about in New Orleans?
(a) FBI.
(b) The Masons.
(c) Ku Klux Klan.
(d) KGB.

5. What decision does Lee make in this chapter about buying from Ferrie?
(a) He buys the item.
(b) He says he'll come back later.
(c) He buys a book instead.
(d) He declines to buy.

Short Answer Questions

1. On June 19th, which famous outlaw does Bannister say he took down?

2. What city does T-Jay call at the end of April 17th?

3. In the Bronx, why does Marguerite claims she cannot make her son go to school?

4. At what building in New Orleans does Lee spend much time in this chapter?

5. What duty is Lee assigned as punishment for his unauthorized gun?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the colorful conversation Bannister has at a bar on June 19th.

2. How does Lee fair in the brig?

3. What is Lee's life in New Orleans like?

4. How is Lee isolated in the first chapter of the novel?

5. What does Lee dream about doing while in New Orleans?

6. What does Lee read about in New Orleans?

7. Why is Lee banned from the Sproul house?

8. Discuss how Branch sees death surrounding Oswald?

9. What does George de Mohrenschildt tell Parmenter about Oswald in this chapter?

10. Why, according to Parmenter, did the Bay of Pigs invasion fail?

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