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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What secrets do the Soviet interviewers ask Oswald about?
(a) Future exchange rates.
(b) Eisenhower's travel plans.
(c) U-2 planes.
(d) Former Japanese outposts.

2. What does lee call the article he writes at the end of the chapter?
(a) The United Front.
(b) The Foreshadow.
(c) The Curtain.
(d) The Kollective.

3. What does Oswald say to Kirilenko about the U-2 pilot?
(a) He is a spy.
(b) She does not know the science of flight.
(c) He is telling the truth.
(d) They are good friends.

4. Why is the motorcade in Miami canceled?
(a) Kennedy decides Florida is out of reach in 1964.
(b) Inclimate weather approaches Florida.
(c) Riots in Miami's slums break out.
(d) An informant reveals an assassination plot.

5. How does Guy Bannister ostensibly die?
(a) Suicide.
(b) Stroke.
(c) Traffic accident.
(d) Heart attack.

6. What does George de Mohrenschildt ask of Lee in exchange for better job?
(a) 4 thousand dollars.
(b) Information about the U-2.
(c) Lee's journal.
(d) A night with Marina.

7. What do Le and Marina do a short time after they meet?
(a) Apply to return to America.
(b) Conceive a child.
(c) Flee Minsk.
(d) Marry.

8. With whom does Lee start spending a lot of time in New Orleans?
(a) Bobby Dupard.
(b) Dave Ferrie.
(c) His brother.
(d) Raymo.

9. On September 25th, what does Bannister say to Ferrie that they will do if Oswald refuses to take part in the plot?
(a) Use Ferrie.
(b) Invent an Oswald.
(c) Force Oswald to do it.
(d) Abort the plan.

10. Why does Lee's mother initially dislike Marina?
(a) She dresses provocatively.
(b) She is a Communist.
(c) She married Lee so quickly.
(d) She does not speak English.

11. Why does the post office become suspicious of Lee in Fort Worth?
(a) He sends mail under several different names.
(b) He sends for pro-Castro leaflets.
(c) He receives mail from a county prison.
(d) He receives mail from the USSR.

12. What physical evidence form Oswald is Branch surprised to have in 2 July?
(a) Incisors.
(b) Urine samples.
(c) Nail clippings.
(d) Pubic hair.

13. In 25 September, what does Ferrie tell Lee to visit in Dallas?
(a) A Church.
(b) A bar.
(c) A movie theater.
(d) An elks hall.

14. Which American movie star does Marina know?
(a) Gregory Peck.
(b) John Wayne.
(c) Jack Lemmon.
(d) Robert Mitchum.

15. Why does Oswald go to the Russian Ministry at the beginning of his time in Moscow?
(a) His brother dies.
(b) He cannot receive food allowances.
(c) His visa expires.
(d) He is robbed on the street.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of George de Mohrenschildt's debriefing agent?

2. What is the name of the KGB agent who becomes Oswald's close acquaintance?

3. What is Oswald asked to do by Kirilenko?

4. Why is the mob considering taking over Ruby's clubs?

5. How high does the captured U-2 pilot claim he was flying when shot down?

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