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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On June 19th, where has Oswald taken an office?
(a) Minsk.
(b) New Orleans.
(c) Dallas,
(d) Miami.

2. Why is Lee place in the brig at Atsugi?
(a) An unauthorized weapon.
(b) For revealing secrets to Japanese civilians.
(c) An altercation with an officer.
(d) For Communist tendencies.

3. What documentation does Parmenter provide Mackey with in 20 May?
(a) Oswald's records.
(b) Kennedy's travel schedule.
(c) Win Everett's discharge papers.
(d) Guy Bannister's Florida contacts.

4. What does Lee not tell Dr. Braunfels about himself?
(a) He was court-martialled.
(b) He is dyslexic.
(c) He is from Texas originally.
(d) He is a Communist.

5. In New Orleans, Lee reads a handbook of what branch of the military?
(a) Marines.
(b) Air Force.
(c) Army.
(d) Navy.

6. What is Win Everett doing at the end of June 19th?
(a) Making love to his wife.
(b) Shooting at a target.
(c) Phoning Guy Bannister.
(d) Forging documents.

7. What plan does Lee develop for his future while in Atsugi?
(a) He will move his mother to Atsugi.
(b) He will move back to the Bronx.
(c) He will defect to Russia.
(d) He will become a pilot.

8. On April 26th, what event does George de Mohrenschildt have information about?
(a) The near-killing of General Walker.
(b) A DWI arrest of Edward Kennedy.
(c) An attempt on de Gaulle's life.
(d) The assault on Adlai Stevenson.

9. With whom does Oswald live in the Bronx?
(a) His mother.
(b) He lives in a group home.
(c) His grandfather.
(d) His brother.

10. In what city does Win Everett initially want to stage the assassination attempt?
(a) New York.
(b) Miami.
(c) New Orleans.
(d) Houston.

11. How old is Lee in New Orleans?
(a) About 30.
(b) About 22.
(c) About 9.
(d) About 13.

12. Why is Lee mocked at his school in the Bronx?
(a) His diminutive size.
(b) His bookish disposition.
(c) His Texas accent.
(d) His divorced parents.

13. Where is Lee's brother stationed while Lee is in the Bronx?
(a) Ellis Island.
(b) Berlin.
(c) Fort Dix.
(d) Fort Knox.

14. How does Lee spend his days in the Bronx?
(a) He goes to movies.
(b) He convinces men to buy him beer.
(c) He rides the subway.
(d) He reads in Central Park.

15. What do Oswald's bunkmates in Atsugi call him?
(a) Ozzie.
(b) L.O.
(c) Leon.
(d) Eli.

Short Answer Questions

1. In New Orleans, what do Lee and Robert try to buy from Ferrie?

2. What does Parmenter want hit in the assassination attempt besides the presidential limo?

3. On June 19th, which famous outlaw does Bannister say he took down?

4. What does Branch find strange about the information sent him?

5. How does Lee try to avoid shipping out from Atsugi?

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