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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What coup did Parmenter plan?
(a) Guatemala.
(b) Iran.
(c) Chile.
(d) Cuba.

2. What does Ferrie mask by his conversation with Delphine?
(a) His social anxiety.
(b) His eavesdropping the other room.
(c) His latent homosexuality.
(d) His chronic leg pain.

3. In New Orleans, Lee reads a handbook of what branch of the military?
(a) Army.
(b) Navy.
(c) Marines.
(d) Air Force.

4. What does Marguerite blame Lee for in the Bronx?
(a) Her police inquiries.
(b) Her poor health.
(c) Her recent divorce.
(d) Her eviction.

5. Which Cold War icon does Lee loudly discuss at the Sproul house?
(a) Roy Cohn.
(b) Julius Rosenberg.
(c) Alger Hiss.
(d) Whitaker Chambers.

6. What has just happened to Lee at the beginning of New Orleans?
(a) He has just unpacked his belongings.
(b) He has just been beaten.
(c) He has just lost a foot race.
(d) He has just had lunch

7. What does Branch find strange about the information sent him?
(a) There is more than he could possibly read.
(b) Most of it is redacted.
(c) It is largely in Spanish.
(d) Little of it concerns Oswald.

8. Why does Robert not want to buy from Ferrie?
(a) Ferrie wants to swap for the item.
(b) The item is broken.
(c) Ferrie wants too much money.
(d) The item is in another town.

9. What institution does Ferrie warn Oswald about in New Orleans?
(a) KGB.
(b) Ku Klux Klan.
(c) FBI.
(d) The Masons.

10. What decision does Lee make in this chapter about buying from Ferrie?
(a) He buys the item.
(b) He says he'll come back later.
(c) He buys a book instead.
(d) He declines to buy.

11. How does Lee know where to find Mitsuko?
(a) Here address was posted on a commissary board.
(b) She calls Lee at the base.
(c) A bunkmate told him about her.
(d) A friend in town introduced her.

12. What is Win Everett doing at the end of June 19th?
(a) Shooting at a target.
(b) Forging documents.
(c) Making love to his wife.
(d) Phoning Guy Bannister.

13. Which famous Communist does Lee become obsessed with in New Orleans?
(a) Trotsky.
(b) Stalin.
(c) Castro.
(d) Mao.

14. How does Lee try to avoid shipping out from Atsugi?
(a) He fakes madness.
(b) He goes AWOL.
(c) He shoots himself.
(d) He forges papers.

15. Who told George de Mohrenschildt to meet with Oswald?
(a) A local police chief.
(b) Guy Bannister.
(c) CIA.
(d) God.

Short Answer Questions

1. As of April 17th, how many years have passed since the Bay of Pigs failure?

2. Where is the training base where Parmenter visits Mackey in 20 May?

3. How does the brig guards treat Bobby Dupard?

4. What does Win talk to his wife about at the end of the chapter?

5. Why did Parmenter lose money after the Bay of Pigs failure?

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