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1. Who does Marguerite blame for her life in the Bronx?

Marguerite has been married multiple times, once abandoned, once widowed, and once divorced by a man who cheated her out of a reasonable settlement. Marguerite continues to hold a grudge against her last husband, blaming him for the struggles she and her youngest child, Lee, have had to suffer since he abandoned the family.

2. How is Lee isolated in the first chapter of the novel?

In the Bronx, Lee is interviewed by social workers, who are concerned about the way Lee isolates himself from others in the classroom. It is about this time Lee begins riding the subways, discovering a world inside the world that fascinates him

3. Describe Nicholas Branch's life.

Nicholas Branch is in his fifteenth year of researching the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Branch sits every day in a fireproof room filled with materials regarding the assassination, materials that are constantly being added to by the Curator of the CIA.

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