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Object Descriptions

Oswald Pictures - These were created the night of the Walker assassination attempt.

Pro-Castro Leaflets - Lee Oswald passed these out in New Orleans.

Historic Diary - Lee Oswald traded information to have this typed up.

.22 Gun - Oswald used this to attempt to avoid deployment.

Mannlichter Rifle - This object was used in two shootings of political figures.

Polygraph - This object was used to push a CIA agent out of the Agency.

Texas School Book Depository - Oswald had a job here at the time of the Kennedy assassination.

Dealey Plaza - This was the area of Dallas where Kennedy was shot.

Texas Women's University - This was where an ex-CIA agent worked at the time of the Kennedy assassination.

Dallas Texas - This was the last city where Oswald lived.

Atsugi, Japan - This is where the U-2 plane testing was done.

Minsk, Russia...

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